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Traffic stop results in drug possession charges for 2 people

On Behalf of | Sep 17, 2015 | Uncategorized

Two people are in police custody after a traffic stop allegedly led to the discovery of illegal substances. In addition to the drugs that the police claim they found, they also found a firearm in a somewhat surprising location. Both the driver and his passenger are currently still behind bars on charges for drug possession.

Texas authorities did not disclose what factors might have led them to initiate the traffic stop, although they did note that it was within about 1,000 feet of a nearby elementary school. These areas are typically referred to as drug-free zones. At some point during the traffic stop, police searched the vehicles and found various amounts of methamphetamine as well as a digital scale, which was presumably intended to weigh the illegal substance.

The 30-year-old driver and his 31-year-old passenger were both arrested and placed into police vehicles to be transported to a local jail. However, during the drive over there, the passenger disclosed to authorities that she had a firearm lodged inside of her. Worried that this could be a safety concern, a female officer was called, and she retrieved the small gun.

Both individuals were charged with drug possession while within a drug-free zone, although the woman faces an additional charge for the firearm, for which she apparently did not have a license. Although neither have posted bond and are currently still behind bars, it is still possible to begin constructing the most solid defense platform possible. For defendants in Texas who are facing similar drug charges, this type of timely preparation can be crucial for achieving the most favorable outcome possible.

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