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Two Texas men behind bars on drug charges

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2015 | Uncategorized

Two men are in police custody on allegations that they both took part in activities related to organized crime. In addition to drug charges, the pair are also accused of cock fighting. It is possible that the two might have also been involved in a suspected drug trafficking operation.

Multiple departments in Texas participated in an investigation into suspected drug trafficking activities that apparently led them to the two men. Authorities made the arrests at a residence, although it is unclear if the home belonged to either of those arrested. Although several different drugs were supposedly being trafficked from that specific location — including marijuana, cocaine, prescription medications and methamphetamine – – police only recovered methamphetamine, various drug paraphernalia and a firearm.

Drugs were not the only items seized by the authorities, as the local Humane Society removed 30 animals from the home, 27 of which were hens and roosters. These animals were possibly used during cock fights. Since being arrested, both men have been placed behind bars on $45,000 bond.

Defendants in Texas who are facing serious drug charges typically experience an immense amount of uncertainty concerning their futures. Some might worry about how a conviction might affect future employment and education opportunities, while others may be more concerned about possible fines that can accompany criminal convictions. However, a significant amount of this worry can be overcome by conducting a careful review of the charges and all related evidence with the help of experienced counsel. This type of keen guidance usually results in a more clearly defined path for defending oneself against the charges faced.

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