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Sexual assault charges filed against former band teacher

On Behalf of | Aug 29, 2015 | Sex Crimes

A Texas high school band leader resigned from his position following serious criminal allegations. Charged with multiple felonies for what was described as an inappropriate relationship with one of his students, he is currently still behind bars. The investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a teenager is still ongoing at this time.

Police say that the relationship between the instructor and 16-year-old girl began over text messages. The two exchanged texts of an apparent sexual nature for approximately nine months before it is believed that anything further happened. In an affidavit, the former teacher allegedly admitted that he had touched the student underneath her clothing while the two were in his school office.

As for his criminal allegations, he has been charged with sexual assault as well as carrying out an inappropriate relationship with a student. Both of these charges constitute felonies, which can have potentially serious consequences. Following his arrest, he was placed behind bars at a local jail on a $50,000 bond.

While student safety concerns are quite understandable and indeed important, mere allegations — even felony charges — are no indication of guilt. Felony allegations of sexual assault can have significant and long-lasting impacts on a Texas defendant’s life, and the law demands that his or her rights continue to be upheld and maintained throughout the entirety of any criminal court proceedings or investigations. As such, the defendant must never bear the burden of proof. Instead, this responsibility lies with the prosecution, who cannot garner a conviction if they are unable to demonstrate that every element of the charges is true.

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