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Volleyball coach accused of sexual assault with teen

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2015 | Sex Crimes

Texas parents have accused a local business owner of acting inappropriately with their daughter, and police apparently suspect that more teenage girls might have been involved. The gym owner in question was also a volleyball coach to the girls. Arrested on drug and sexual assault charges, he is currently free on bond.

The defendant established a volleyball club at the gym that he owned and welcomed teenage girls into the program, where he acted as their coach. However, parents claim that there were ulterior motives behind the volleyball club. Several different girls were allegedly supplied with marijuana before he engaged in sexual activity with them. Instances of sexual assault are believed to have taken place inside his vehicle, at various motels and at other undisclosed locations. The marijuana he gave the teens was possibly obtained in another state under the guise of medicinal use.

He was eventually arrested after parents of one of the alleged victims contacted police about the issue. Although allegations and rumors of possible other victims have been spread, his charges only include sexual assault of a single victim at this point in time. However, parents of other possible victims have voiced their concern that the defendant has continued contacting some of their children after he posted bond.

Sexual assault charges — particularly those that pertain to minors — are understandably taken quite seriously in Texas. While parents do have the right to be concerned for the safety of their children, the law demands that defendants are presumed innocent throughout related criminal investigations and trial court proceedings. As such, defendants often find it helpful to confer with their respective counsel concerning their legal rights and future defense strategies.

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