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The importance of a criminal defense for traffic tickets

On Behalf of | Jun 25, 2015 | Uncategorized

Receiving a citation for a traffic violation can often seem like just another part of life. For some drivers, it might even be akin to a rite of passage. However, the reality is that traffic tickets can actually have a significant impact on a person’s life. In some instances, a solid criminal defense might the best approach to fight the accusations.

Traffic violations consist of much more than charges for speeding. Anything from a failure to yield to a right of way vehicle to driving recklessly can result in a traffic stop and subsequent ticket. While convention leads many people to believe that they need simply pay a fine, drivers should first consider how many points will be racked up on their driver’s license. According to the point system used by the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, drivers can accrue points against their license that can ultimately lead to a suspension of driving privileges.

Certain traffic violations can carry a heavier consequence than others. Certain violations — including reckless driving — can result in a driver’s license being suspended for two years if he or she is cited for another traffic violation in the six months following the first ticket. The subsequent offense does not have to be for reckless driving either, but can be for a myriad of other violations, such as an illegal left turn or speeding.

Of course a single ticket for speeding is not likely to land a driver in serious legal difficulties, but again, this does not mean that a single ticket is harmless. Insurance rates for Texas drivers can rocket sky-high with the smallest nudge, and accrued points against a license might creep up without a driver realizing that he or she might about to lose driving privileges. Our clients understand the potential impact that a traffic violation can have on their future, and we help guide them through the process of forming a solid criminal defense against these types of allegations