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Local businessman arrested for drug possession

On Behalf of | May 5, 2015 | Uncategorized

A Texas business man and former marine was arrested after a security guard accused him of creating disturbances at a local hotel. He is also facing charges for drug possession after police apparently found a small amount of an illegal substance on his person. He is currently still behind bars, although a judge set his bond at $12,000.

A security guard at the hotel became aware of an ongoing altercation involving a woman and the man that was arrested. The guard reported that the man not only used foul language against him, but also hit him in the face a total of three times. After phoning police about the incident, the guard apparently restrained the man by holding his wrists down against the ground.

By the time that police showed up at the hotel, the woman involved in the disturbance had disappeared. Under the impression that he was likely to continue to cause trouble, authorities decided to arrest him for being publicly intoxicated. A search of his body allegedly turned up a small bag of cocaine, which added a possession charge to his arrest.

Even in small amounts, charges for drug possession can permanently alter a person’s future. A conviction can lead to more than just a fine and/or time behind bars, but it can also create an unfavorable mark on a person’s record when he or she is seeking employment or new educational opportunities. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for handling these types of charges in Texas, which is why an astute review of the arrest, charges and evidence alongside an experienced counsel is invaluable when preparing to fight the charges in court and/or negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution.

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