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We understand the unique needs of a juvenile criminal defense

On Behalf of | Apr 21, 2015 | Uncategorized

For minors who have the rest of their lives rich with educational and career opportunities ahead of them, an arrest on criminal charges could change everything. Texas parents and children facing these issues may be unsure of what kind of criminal defense minors can benefit from the most. This confusion is understandable, and the answer can heavily depend on whether a charge is a misdemeanor or felony, and if the child is being charged as a minor or an adult.

Although most individuals under the age of the 18 are handled in the juvenile court system, there are exceptions in which a minor may be tried as an adult. This typically does not occur for minor offenses, but it is common when a minor has been accused of an especially violent crime. In such instances, the consequences of a conviction would be the same as an adult offender. 

Being charged as a minor is almost always in a child’s best interest. Special programs are available to minors that can help set their life back on track. Some may require a drug and alcohol treatment program while others might qualify for a diversion program, which is typically an alternative to being prosecuted. 

Perhaps most importantly, juvenile criminal charges can be sealed, protecting that person as they transfer into adulthood and set out in search of the best opportunities available to them. We understand that teenage years can be confusing and troubling for many youths, and our firm has spent years establishing the best criminal defense possible for those Texas clients and their families facing these circumstances. If you need more information concerning the juvenile court system and how your child might be charged, make sure to visit our website.