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Female shopper says she was victim of sexual assault at Big Lots

On Behalf of | Jan 26, 2015 | Uncategorized

A shopper at the popular Big Lots store claimed that a man touched her inappropriately before she followed him outside to confront him. Using her cell phone, she recorded the man as she accused him of sexual assault. Allegedly shown on the video is the man threatening the woman if she did not stop recording him. Texas police were subsequently notified, and they arrested the man a short while later.

The incident apparently began when the woman felt what she first believed to be an accidental brush against her backside. She also reported that the man who she believed accidentally touched her began to mutter to himself, which unnerved her. She then began to move away from the back of the store where she had previously been shopping.

Before she could reach the front of the store, she reportedly felt another graze against her backside and discovered that it was the same man as before. Suspecting that it may have been intentional, she reported the incident to the store manager and then proceeded to follow the man out of the store. As she began to record him, she apparently began shouting multiple accusations at him. After a supposed threat from the man, he forcibly took her cellphone and then left, while the woman retreated back inside and phoned 911.

When police located the man suspected of the possible sexual assault on the female customer, he was arrested on charges for both robbery-bodily injury as well as criminal mischief. Records indicate that this is his third charge for criminal mischief, although any past charges or convictions are never an indication of guilt for any current charges. No matter whether a Texas defendant has faced charges before, the burden of proof will always lie with the prosecution, who must be able to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that every aspect of the charges are applicable and true.

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