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Drug charges among those filed in arrest of 14 in Texas

On Behalf of | Oct 30, 2014 | Uncategorized

The criminal process is often complex. Most importantly, all procedures must not violate the rights of those facing criminal charges. However, those with no experience concerning the law may have difficulty navigating the process without professional assistance. At least 14 people in Texas are facing drug charges, among other accusations.

Police describe the group as a theft ring. As part of the investigation and arrest process, police claim they confiscated a significant amount of property that had previously been reported stolen. Some of the property included a vehicle, televisions and several other relatively expensive items. The property had allegedly been taken from three different counties.

Police also say that they confiscated methamphetamine and weapons during the arrests. Some reports indicate that additional charges and arrests are expected. Many of the details involving the arrest and investigation are unclear at this time, including why police officers originally suspected those who have now been arrested and charged.

Because it takes years of studying and practice to become well-versed with criminal laws and the different rights people are afforded if they face criminal charges, including drug charges, the average person in Texas may not know exactly what steps to take to ensure he or she is treated fairly. Fortunately, there is experienced help available in order to preserve an accused person’s rights as well as take appropriate action in the event of a violation. Additionally, many people will have to choose the best options for their particular case in order to pursue the best possible outcome — a task that may require assistance.

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