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Possession with intent to distribute charge often misused

On Behalf of | Sep 10, 2014 | Uncategorized

Most people in Texas are likely aware of the war on drugs that both the federal and state governments are currently waging. While they are undoubtedly acting in such a way that they believe protects citizens, some people are getting caught in the crossfire and are facing inappropriate charges. In some instances, individuals are being charged with possession with intent to distribute when it is otherwise clear that the charges are not appropriate for the situation or the evidence.

False accusations by those deeply involved with the war on drugs can result in someone who should only be charged with drug possession facing serious and life-altering charges instead. Intent to distribute is handled seriously by the courts, and the consequences can be steep. If convicted, anything from a past criminal record, where you were at the time of the arrest or what type of drug you were accused of having can alter the consequences.

Sadly, at times there is little to no evidence to back up the allegations. When facing those who pursue the war on drugs, it is understandable to feel as though you are up against an undefeatable foe. However, for over two decades, our firm has been demonstrating that this is simply not the case.

For those who are facing charges for possession with intent to distribute who believe they have been wrongly charged, we fight to reduce your charges to more accurately reflect any evidence involved. By focusing on criminal defense, our firm has been able to provide success and favorable outcomes for those in Texas who have been charged with a crime. If you would like more information regarding intent to distribute charges, please visit our our website.

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