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Texas CPS supervisor faces felony charge for evidence tampering

On Behalf of | Aug 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Child Protective Services is designed to help some of the most at-risk children in Texas. Sadly, there are some instances when certain situations may cause a child to fall through the cracks before help can be given. One CPS supervisor currently faces a felony charge for allegedly tampering with evidence related to the death of a child.

Apparently, unsatisfactory conditions in the home of a deployed airman drew the attention of CPS workers. As he served overseas, his wife was at home with their three daughters, the youngest of whom was only 22 months old. Investigators indicated that there was a heavy smell of human feces and urine in the home.

Despite previous visits from CPS, the youngest of the three girls died from both dehydration and malnutrition. The two older daughters hadn’t been fed, either. Apparently, her husband’s deployment had placed an inordinate amount of stress on the mother, who said she had become incapable of caring for her girls.

It is unclear exactly what evidence — if any — had been tampered with to warrant the felony charge for this Texas supervisor. However, if convicted, the consequences can be steep with up to a 10-year prison sentence. As she and her counsel review the charges and evidence in order to determine how best to proceed, her innocence and rights under the law must be maintained and protected. Some individuals faced with similar charges may find that fighting the charges to their fullest extent through the entirety of trial court proceedings can be most beneficial, while others may choose to enter into a plea deal with the prosecution. Doing so can lower charges and even sentences.

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