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State crime charges dismissed for woman accused of vandalism

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2014 | Uncategorized

That act of toilet-papering a friend or neighbor’s home during a sleepover, generally intended as a prank, may not be an unfamiliar act to some individuals. Despite that, a Texas woman was charged with vandalism for allegedly helping a group of kids do just that. However, the state crime charges that she faced were recently dismissed.

The incident reportedly occurred while a group of middle-school students were participating in a sleepover. The woman apparently bought toilet paper in order for the girls to throw the product over the outside of the house that they were sleeping at. Condiments such as peanut butter and mustard were allegedly smeared over the residence. Officials claim that graffiti was also written in these condiments.

Additionally, the mailbox also had chicken left in it. Local police totaled the damage done to the residence at $6,000. Although at least two boys admitted that they took part in the act, none of the children who may have been involved were criminally charged. Instead, the woman who is said to have purchased the toilet paper was the only one charged.

In some instances, a judge may agree to the dismissal of a case with certain conditions. For this Texas woman, in order to have her state crime charges dismissed, she had to agree to cover the cost of the damages to the house as well as write an apology letter to the owners. Alongside a defendant’s counsel, after careful review of the charges and evidence, some may find requesting a dismissal of the charges to be an appropriate course of action. In some instances this may be granted with no contingencies, while in others certain criteria — such as paying for damages — must be met.

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