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Father of affluenza teen arrested on state crime charges

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2014 | Uncategorized

After a June 2013 wreck, a Texas family became associated with the term “affluenza,” which was coined to describe someone having little ability to determine between right and wrong due to wealth and privilege. Though it was the family’s teenage son who was involved in that instance, his father was recently arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer. He is now facing state crime charges but is out on bond.

For those who may not remember, we last discussed the affluenza teen’s case on Dec. 19, 2013 ( “Texas prosecutors try to get drunk driving teen sentenced to jail”). When police recently showed up to a call in a residential area, they were apparently approached by the teen’s father. At the time, he claimed to be a reserve officer from another area. Police further allege that he even produced a police badge that appeared to be real.

However, one of the police officers who was involved was previously employed with the same police department that the boy’s father claimed to be from. Unable to remember him, the officer contacted the other police department’s chief, who claims that he had never employed the man. Further investigation apparently uncovered that he was not a licensed officer in the state of Texas.

Although his family received a substantial amount of attention following a fatal wreck that his son was involved in, his rights and innocence must be maintained and protected with regard to these new charges. State crime charges for impersonating a Texas police officer are serious, and reviewing the charges and any relevant evidence alongside his counsel may help ensure that he proceeds in such a way that focuses on procuring the most favorable outcome possible. While for some this may mean entering into a plea deal with the prosecution in favor of lesser charges, others may choose to fight the charges to the fullest extent throughout the pending proceedings.

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