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Texas Tech football player faces felony charge of assault

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

A football player for Texas Tech was recently dismissed from the team following allegations that he assaulted another student during a basketball game. He is facing a felony charge for assault. He was in his first month enrolled at the Texas university after having graduated high school in another state.

The alleged incident reportedly happened during a pickup game of basketball that took place on the university’s campus. During the game, he supposedly attacked a woman who played on the school’s women’s basketball team. This attack allegedly involved assaults with both his fists and his feet; the woman is said to be awaiting surgery to address a broken bone.

Though he is being permitted to finish his summer term at Texas Tech, he was kicked off of both the football and track team. It is expected that the accused individual will enroll in a different college very soon, since several have apparently reached out to him. The coach from his former high school football team expressed shock at the allegations, claiming that they are surprising since he had not witnessed such behavior in the young man before.

While a formal felony charge for the alleged assault is pending, the student was released and is presumably carrying out the remainder of his semester at Texas Tech. Though such accusations are quite serious in nature, it is imperative that emotional responses be set aside in order to fully protect this young man’s legal right to innocence unless proven otherwise in a court of law. With both his academic and athletic career still ahead of him, he would be well-advised to carefully review the charges to determine how to proceed in a manner that will garner him the most favorable outcome possible. For some, this may mean fighting the charges to their fullest extent in court, while for other individuals it may mean negotiating a plea deal, which can include lessened charges or sentences.

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