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Texas state employee accused of state crime charges

On Behalf of | Jul 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

An apparent family altercation recently resulted in serious charges and an arrest for one state employee. Two other alleged incidents culminated in an arrest and multiple state crime charges for the woman. While the Texas Rangers are pursuing the investigation, she is currently out on $8,500 bond.

During the alleged disagreement that occurred at her grandfather’s home, a minor female relative attempted to intervene. After that, the defendant is accused of hitting her in the face multiple times. That claim resulted in an assault charge for causing bodily injury.

Months later, an unrelated woman reported to police that the defendant threatened to use her vehicle to run her over and refused to leave her property. After a couple of days, the supposed victim says that the woman actually did try to run her over while she stood in her own driveway. Less than a week after that, she told police that the woman pointed a gun at her son.

Texas police apparently have a video of the gun incident. Her state crime charges include the previously mentioned assault charge as well as criminal trespass and deadly conduct, among others. Though the charges she faces appear serious in nature, the woman still has the right to fight the allegations against her if she so desires. In some instances, however, a plea deal might be an appropriate course of action, as it can provide lesser charges or a lighter sentence, while other occasions may require fighting the charges to the fullest of a defendant’s abilities in court.

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