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8 accused of drug charges for cocaine trafficking, some in Texas

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

Apparently, a 1,400-mile stretch between Texas and another coastal state acted as a pipeline for the transport of an illegal drug. Authorities in Texas and one other state recently arrested a total of eight people on federal drug charges for allegedly participating in the transport and distribution of the cocaine. It is believed that they may be part of a larger organization for drug trafficking.

Authorities received a tip from one of their confidential sources that an organization was transporting roughly 200 kilograms of the illegal drug cocaine through Texas every month. After multiple issues along this trek — such as money, vehicles and drugs being stolen from the organization — the group gathered for a meeting at the house of an individual that is believed to be one of the bosses. Surveillance was gathered on the subject matter of the meeting.

Additionally, three separate sources along with five defendants who agreed to cooperate with authorities all said that the cocaine came from somewhere in Mexico. The drugs were allegedly placed into a section of an 18-wheeler that is commonly known as a pumpkin head. Traditionally housing gears that are necessary for the axle, the trucks were rigged to leave this area empty while still allowing the vehicle to function properly. After the drugs were loaded, produce may have been later loaded into the truck for a cover as a legitimate operation.

Some of the eight arrests were made in Texas, and those accused of acting within this drug-trafficking group are facing drug charges at the federal level. Some of the men in particular have been further accused of acting as principal administrators in a continuing criminal enterprise. Lesser charges include possession of cocaine with the intent to distribute. Those alleged to have taken part in this cocaine trafficking will likely review all charges and evidence alongside their counsel. Doing so can provide insight in to how to best move forward in order to procure the most favorable outcome possible.

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