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Texas superintendent handed misdemeanor charge over resume

On Behalf of | Jun 23, 2014 | Uncategorized

Some individuals claim that Texas authorities are attempting to apply the law to an incident that does not warrant criminal charges. This belief stems from a misdemeanor charge that a local school district’s superintendent is facing. She recently surrendered to Texas authorities following her indictment, although neither of those actions are an indication of guilt.

In Aug. 2013, the school district employed a new superintendent who apparently discovered that an employee had been ensuring certain school district business went to her husband’s company. She suspended that employee and then, months later, suspended one of the principals of a middle school. A third employee was suspended only months after that, and the superintendent cited the school district’s police chief’s failure to thoroughly investigate acts of vandalism.

Now the superintendent is on administrative leave due to allegations that she may have falsified aspects of her resume. However, there has apparently been no indication of what the supposed falsities even are. Further accusations claim that she knowingly handed in a physical copy of her resume that differed than the one that the school district already had on file.

If convicted, her misdemeanor charge for alleged tampering with a government record could result in a one-year jail sentence. However, instances when the law has been wrongly applied to a situation, as some believe has been done here, or there is a lack of apparent evidence, it is possible to have charges dismissed. This Texas superintendent may benefit from carefully reviewing the charges and allegations of falsities closely in order to determine the best course of action that will ultimately result in the most favorable outcome possible.

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