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Texas veterinarian facing state crime charges for animal cruelty

On Behalf of | May 6, 2014 | Uncategorized

Those who devote their lives to the health and well-being of animals are also those that people normally turn to when it comes time to end a pet’s suffering. However, one Texas veterinarian has been accused of the exact opposite. According to his state crime charges of animal cruelty, he is alleged to have actually prolonged the pain and suffering of some animals.

Apparently, an employee of the veterinarian’s practice contacted a family with some shocking the news — the animal that they had paid to be euthanized was actually alive. Perhaps worse was the news that Sid, their dog, had been kept alive in order provide blood for transfusions to other dogs. This revelation six months after he was set to be euthanized spawned allegations of other animals being kept alive when they shouldn’t have been.

In total, the veterinarian has been accused of secretly keeping five dogs alive at his veterinary practice. One of the dogs was actually his own pet and was reportedly found in dismal health, with one leg missing. An employee who started in June 2013 claimed that the dog had been in roughly the same place and condition ever since she began working there.

Concerns regarding the overall state of his practice were also recently raised, including the fact that controlled substances and other drugs were left unsecured in areas where either employees or customers could have gained easy access to them. No charges have surfaced concerning his practice, and according to a Texas area Better Business Bureau, he has been the subject of just one complaint in the past three years. Nevertheless, his veterinarian license has been suspended, ending the findings of the investigation and his state crime charges for animal abuse. Although many people consider their pets to be family members, and it can be easy for emotions to run high in cases such as this, this man has every right to protect his interests as he challenges the formal accusations and seeks a favorable result. As he does so, he is considered fully innocent before the criminal court, unless and until prosecutor are actually able to prove otherwise.

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