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Student facing state crime charges may be tried as juvenile

On Behalf of | May 26, 2014 | Uncategorized

Cell phones have become an integral part of day-to-day life for many individuals in today’s society. For some, it may even be difficult to function without the convenience that many smart phones provide. A Texas teen was recently accused of assaulting a teacher over a cell phone, and in light of the accusations, his school filed state crime charges against him.

According to school policy, the use of cell phones during class is prohibited. Apparently, a substitute teacher confiscated a 16-year-old student’s phone after she noticed that he was texting during class. Afterward, the school says that the student became violent and physically shoved the teacher.

They claim that he pushed the 66-year-old teacher a total of three times before finally shoving her to the floor. One student reported seeing her hit her head as she fell. After pushing the teacher down, a video showed the student taking his cell phone back from the substitute. An ambulance was called after some of the student witnesses reported the pushing event to school authorities.

In regard to the alleged pushing of his substitute teacher, the Texas student reportedly went to the principal’s office himself. Later, the student was arrested and was charged with causing injury to the elderly. Due to his age, the student could face these state crime charges as either an adult or a juvenile. It is possible that he and his defense will work toward facing the charges as a juvenile, as this provides the possibility to have the charges expunged later on, which can prove to be a more favorable outcome for a teenager who still has the entirety of his life before him.

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