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State crime charges filed against alleged fake high schooler

On Behalf of | May 21, 2014 | Uncategorized

High school is sometimes touted as the best years of a teenager’s life. A Texas woman has recently been accused of taking that sentiment a little too close to heart. After some individuals became concerned over details of the woman’s identity, and after police were notified, she is currently facing state crime charges for providing false information.

At the time of her arrest, police believed that the woman was 31 years old, though they later said that she is actually 34. She allegedly sought refuge with another woman, purportedly claiming that she was only 15 and needed somewhere to stay. She may have claimed that her own parents were both dead. After she was taken in, and a woman proceeded to act as her guardian.

Police contend that the accused woman may have submitted an alternate name and birth date in order to enroll in a local high school. She attended the school from October 13 until suspicions were raised by the people in whose residence she was living. They contend that she may have not been honest about certain details of her identity. Subsequently, they contacted the police and informed the school.

She was later arrested, and her age appears to have been clarified through jail records. Police believe that she may have assumed the identity of a 15-year-old high school student for almost eight months, and she was subsequently charged with failing to identify by giving false and fictitious information. As of the media report, she had not posted bail and remained in the local Texas jail, although this does not constitute guilt for any of the charges that she faces. While the circumstances of these state crime charges are particularly unique, it is imperative that the rights of this woman are protected as she and her defense team prepare to answer the accusations. As the case proceeds, she and her counsel will undoubtedly focus on achieving an outcome that will best benefit this Texas woman.

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