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2 people face drug charges after traffic stop

On Behalf of | Apr 14, 2014 | Uncategorized

What may have started out as a routine traffic stop recently ended as anything but that. The Texas traffic stop resulted in the arrests of multiple people — one of whom was the driver — who had allegedly been selling items door-to-door. As a result, two people are now facing drug charges. Later on, additional charges were added for both people.

While it is unclear why authorities initially pulled the vehicle over, it was noted that the vehicle sported a temporary license plate. Seven people were in the van and had been travelling door-to-door, selling magazines. Although the substance has not been disclosed, police arrested the driver of the vehicle for possessing a controlled substance.

A female passenger was also arrested after police claimed that she possessed drug paraphernalia. The charges didn’t stop there, though. Authorities also allege that the driver initially gave a false name at the time of his arrest and then later provided a second fake name. The female passenger who was arrested allegedly attempted to smuggle marijuana in jail as police booked her.

While both face drug charges from the initial traffic stop, the driver was later charged with identity theft. His passenger also faces additional charges, including intent to deliver a controlled substance. Her defense may choose to focus on the fact that her mere possession of marijuana does not necessarily indicate that there was any intent to sell on her part. Alternatively, she may decide to negotiate a plea arrangement with Texas authorities if she feels that this could result in the best possible outcome in her specific situation.

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