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Single vehicle car accident results in drug charges for Texas man

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2014 | Uncategorized

When a car recently plowed into a tree, witnesses might have been surprised to see the driver apparently start walking away. A single vehicle accident ultimately led to some hefty charges for one Texas man. But it wasn’t just the crash that landed the driver in hot water, and he is now facing drug charges as well as charges related to the accident.

A witness reported that, after a vehicle ran into a palm tree, the driver did the very last thing that he was supposed to do — he left. Supposedly he opened up a rear door so that his passengers could also leave, and then he began walking. Police eventually caught up with the driver almost a mile away from the scene of the accident.

The driver’s passengers were all taken to a local hospital for injuries that they sustained in the accident. While his passengers were taken away in ambulances, the driver ended up in a police vehicle. While being booked on several charges, including three hit-and-run counts and driving with an expired license, authorities located a bag of marijuana in the man’s shoe.

The bag of marijuana resulted in a drug charge for the driver. The manufacture and distribution of illegal drugs is a significant and pressing issue in Texas, and drug charges are generally handled quite seriously. While police did note that the bag of marijuana was small, if convicted, the driver could still potentially face life-long consequences related to drug possession. Before moving forward with any decisions concerning his defense, he may find that educating himself on local Texas state drug laws can make the process of building the most experienced and knowledgeable defense easier.

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