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Step-brother of Leonardo DiCaprio faces drug charges in Texas

On Behalf of | Feb 7, 2014 | Uncategorized

The step-brother of a Hollywood movie star was recently arrested on drug charges in Texas. Leonardo DiCaprio’s step-sibling and girlfriend were taken into custody as a result of two Class A misdemeanors relating to drug possession and other allegations. In addition to the drug charges, they will also face charges for theft.

The man could face a lengthy jail sentence if he is convicted of the charges. His girlfriend, who had already been arrested five days previous, could also face a lengthy jail term. She will face multiple charges, including dangerous drug possession and property theft of under $500. She will further face a misdemeanor charge of contributing to a child’s non-attendance to school.

At this time, the location of the couple’s 6-year-old child is currently unknown to family members. According to a source, the couple had been in hiding in Texas — trying to hide from the Department of Children and Family Service in Los Angeles County. Over the last several years, DiCaprio’s step-brother has been charged with multiple instances of harassment, various drug charges and other violations.

The charges faced by these two individuals include both charges in Texas and involve arrest warrants from Los Angeles County. The fact that both of these individuals have been arrested in the past and face multiple charges for different legal violations also suggests that the criminal defense of their drug charges may require a great deal of delicacy and attention to detail. Indeed, they will not only have to defend themselves against their charges in Texas court, but they may also have to answer to the possibility of extradition to another state.

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