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2 men arrested for alleged drug distribution in Texas

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | Uncategorized

Although certain states are in the process of enacting legislation to make marijuana legal, marijuana crimes can still put individuals behind bars in Texas. Some marijuana allegations, however, are more serious than others. For example, a charge of possession is less serious than a charge related to drug distribution. The amount of marijuana in possession may also affect the potential punishment if convicted.

Recently, two men were arrested for allegedly having more than 34 pounds of marijuana in their possession. The pot was estimated to have a street value of more than $150,000. They were arrested in Carson County on a recent Thursday morning.

Police claim that the two men were in the process of driving the marijuana cross-country to Virginia. Authorities say that the marijuana was discovered after police conducted a routine traffic stop. The two men were immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Being accused of marijuana trafficking and/or other drug violations come with the threat of stiff legal consequences. Had these men only been accused of possessing a tiny amount of the drug, they might simply face misdemeanor possession charges. However, these individuals allegedly had enough marijuana to constitute felony charges related to trafficking and/or distribution. The full extent of the crimes that these men have been charged with was not reported.

Just as in any drug distribution matter in Texas, the accused men will have the opportunity to defend themselves against the charges. After a detailed review of the facts relating to their arrests, it may be possible to devise a legal defense capable of getting some, or in certain situations, all of their charges dropped. Such would be beneficial to these men as it could shave years off of a potential jail sentence, or even permit them to escape a prison sentence altogether, should a conviction ultimately be obtained.

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