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Texas family arrested and charged with drug distribution crimes

On Behalf of | Dec 11, 2013 | Uncategorized

Authorities recently arrested three individuals on drug distribution charges. Investigators allege that the three Texas residents played a vital role in a drug distribution ring that sold controlled substances to college students. At last report, they were being detained at the McLennan County Jail on various charges.

The suspects in this case are all from the same family a 60-year-old mother, a 58-year-old father and their 25-year-old son. According to law enforcement officials, the family is accused of cultivating, growing and processing high grade marijuana. Police believe that the family was supplying this high grade marijuana to distributors and users throughout Waco.

The specific charges the family will face include money laundering, delivery of over 5 pounds of pot and delivery of over 5 pounds of hash. They were being held on $400,000 bond each. During the police raid of the family’s home, authorities allege to have confiscated marijuana weighing 8 lbs., hash weighing 15 lbs. They also apparently seized an assault weapon, three handguns and about $250,000. The drugs confiscated hold a value of approximately $120,000, according to authorities.

The raid on this Texas family’s home and their subsequent arrests may come as a surprise to their neighbors. However, similar raids and arrests have been made in the Waco area. This family must now face the criminal drug distribution charges brought against them in court. In defending themselves against the accusations, they may be able to reduce the threat of serving jail time and/or the length of jail time that may come with any conviction obtained.

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