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Chris Cagle to face DWI charges in Texas court

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2013 | Uncategorized

When it comes to DWI charges, no one is immune. The rich and famous can be arrested and charged with such crimes just as easily as the unemployed and poor. In fact, the well-known country music star, Chris Cagle, was recently arrested on DWI charges. He will now have to face those charges and defend himself against the allegations in a Texas court of law.

According to Texas Department of Public Safety officials, the country singer was pulled over outside of Greenville. He was just 50 miles away from Dallas. The arrest occurred on Sunday, Dec. 15, after the 45-year-old man had allegedly run through a red traffic signal without stopping.

Following the arrest, he was booked in the Hunt County jail, but as of Tuesday, Dec. 17, he had been released. The sheriff’s office has not released any further information, nor has the man’s management and booking agency. The singer is most famous for the song “Breathe In, Breathe Out,” which hit number one status on the country music charts in 2002.

When it comes to Texas state law, everyone is treated equally, regardless of his or her status and/or fame. Also, no one will face any kind of legal consequences for a DWI accusation unless they are actually convicted of the crime. By studying the facts of a DWI case closely, and with an expert understanding of the law, those accused of DWI can often achieve a great deal to get their charges dismissed and avoid the severest of punishments.

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