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Texas officers increasing DWI patrols during the holidays

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2013 | Uncategorized

There is some good news for Texas drivers. DWI arrests dropped in 2012. Traffic deaths associated with DWI accidents also decreased. Still, this does not mean that Texas state troopers will not be out in full force throughout the rest of the holidays.

In fact, the police department in El Paso indicated that it will be teaming up with Texas State Troopers in order to keep the roads safe. What this means is that there will likely be more officers patrolling the streets and pulling people over to test them for signs of intoxication during the holiday season. Police are encouraging individuals to drink responsibly. They say that this is the best way to avoid arrest and prosecution for a crime.

In El Paso, however, another way to avoid getting arrested is to make use of the “No DUI El Paso” volunteer organization. This organization provides safe rides home to people who have been drinking. Further, it also provides the service of transporting their cars home for them.

Still, even when Texas residents limit their alcohol intake before driving home from a party, they are still in danger of getting pulled over and accused of DWI. Whenever a driver is arrested and charged with DWI, there will be various legal defense options available to them. Through the application of various strategies, Texas residents may be able to get their charges dismissed, or in other cases achieve a substantial reduction in potential punishments. Not every drunk driving accusation results in a conviction, and each accused individual is fully entitled to challenge the testimony of witnesses and fight for the best possible outcome.

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