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Criminal defense of Texas killings may focus on plea

On Behalf of | Nov 8, 2013 | Uncategorized

When incidents of violent crime take place in a Texas community, law enforcement officers are often able to detain the suspect and file charges. In some cases, the criminal defense strategy will focus on proving that the accused individual is not at fault in the matter, and the defense counsel will fight hard to win the case for their client. In other instances, the prosecution has sufficient evidence to prove that the accused is responsible for those crimes, and the defense strategy shifts to a focus on working out a plea arrangement.

Such may be the case in the recent killings of five individuals across the Terrell area. One man has been arrested and charged with the crimes, after leading police on a high speed chase and then fleeing on foot. The man was related to at least one of the victims, and may have held connections with others. Charges have not yet been brought, but police have stated that murder and arson are part of the ongoing investigation against the 36-year-old man.

In this type of case, the criminal defense attorney who takes on the matter will make a careful review of all evidence held before creating a defense strategy. If the evidence amassed against the individual suggest the likelihood of conviction, the attorney will shift focus to opportunities to reach a plea deal. These efforts can eliminate the need for a lengthy and expensive trial, and could result in lesser sentencing than if the matter goes before a court of law.

When facing Texas criminal charges, it is important that individuals who are accused of a crime allow their attorney to create a comprehensive criminal defense strategy. This includes working with the attorney to disclose all relevant information, and being able to accept and implement the advice that their legal counsel is able to provide. In some cases, the best possible outcome may be a plea deal. However, being able to take advantage of such opportunities relies on the ability of the accused to allow their attorney to do his or her job to the best of their ability. In other cases, of course, it may be preferable to put prosecutors to their proof and demand that they try and meet the exacting measure of proof required of them before any criminal conviction can occur.

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