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Texas woman faces felony charge for alleged rock assault

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Uncategorized

Everyone is capable of losing their temper. However, most people are able to restrain themselves from committing any criminal act as a way to vent their anger. Texas police have alleged that a woman failed to exercise the proper restraint while at a dog park and, as a result, she now faces a felony charge for an alleged assault.

The 46-year-old woman was alleged to have lost her cool when she saw that another dog owner had failed to clean up after his dog. Witnesses stated that the woman picked up the dog feces that the man had failed to pick up and threw them at the man. The woman is alleged to have then picked up a rock and thrown it, barely missing him.

Police have stated that the rock could have caused serious bodily injury, which supported their charge of aggravated assault. The woman is being held on $7,000 bail. It is unclear when she will make her next appearance in court. However, the woman has requested that a mental health attorney represent her.

Despite an arrest taking place, there remains a number of questions concerning the validity of the felony charge issued by Texas police. The circumstances surrounding the alleged assault are lacking important details, such as the conversations leading up to the alleged assault and whether anyone else played a role in it. It is also unclear whether the defendant possessed the mental capacity to be charged with the crime. These, along with other relevant details, may assist the defendant in vigorously fighting the charges against her.

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