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9 arrested in Texas insurance fraud scheme

A lengthy investigation conducted jointly between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service reached its climax earlier this month. Nine suspects were arrested Oct. 14, 2016, including eight citizens of Texas, for allegedly participating in an immense health insurance fraud scheme. A 10th individual surrendered voluntarily to the FBI. The defendants represent a variety of occupations, from doctors to businessmen to marketers.

The accused have been charged with defrauding the Tricare insurance program of $100 million. Tricare provides health insurance for active military personnel, veterans and their families. Beneficiaries were allegedly recruited in central Texas, in the Fort Hood area. Allegedly, prescriptions for compounded medicines, custom medication blends that are not always covered by insurance, were billed to the insurance program fraudulently.

Capitol Building break-in leads to state crime charges

The Texas State Capitol recently became the unlikely scene of an apparent burglary. The man accused of vandalizing and breaking into the Capitol building was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and burglary. He is currently still in police custody as no bond has been set since the filing of his state crime charges.

An area police officer allegedly spotted the 22-year-old man approach the Capitol building at some point in the early hours of the morning. From there the man supposedly used a temporary walkway to access construction scaffolding. He then climbed the scaffolding in order to reach the second floor of the building, at which point he is believed to have broken in through a window. It is not clear if the window was unlocked or if there was another method used to enter the building.

Texas officer arrested for assault may focus on criminal defense

A grand jury recently handed down an indictment for a Texas officer accused of using excessive force with a man during an arrest. Charged with assault, he chose to resign from his position during an internal investigation, perhaps in part to focus on his upcoming criminal defense. There is also a video that apparently depicts the attack, which included another officer who was ultimately not charged.

The alleged victim was asleep at a train station when the incident took place. The man claims that he initially thought the officer drew his gun, although no gun was ever actually used during the altercation. Instead, the officer actually pulled out his baton. The victim further claimed that he was repeatedly hit without reason.

DWI charges filed against Longhorns player

Authorities in Texas recently arrested the starting offensive lineman for the University of Texas Longhorns. Accused of causing a single-car accident while under the influence of alcohol, he is currently facing a DWI charge. It is unclear how his position with the Longhorns will be affected by these allegations.

Police claim that they first came upon the student in the drive-thru lane of a local restaurant. He had apparently fallen asleep at the wheel, and authorities then woke him and requested that he move his vehicle. The student complied with the officer's request, but ultimately wrecked his vehicle somewhere in the restaurant's parking lot. No other vehicles were involved.

Over a dozen women arrested for alleged sex crimes

Over a dozen women were recently taken into police custody for allegedly engaging in sex-trafficking. All of the 15 who were arrested face charges of promoting prostitution, which is a felony. Others are also accused of conspiring to commit sex-trafficking while others still face allegations of racketeering. The potential consequences for these types of sex crimes can be severe and lead to lengthy prison sentences.

The sex-trafficking ring apparently operated between eight different brothels that fronted as massage parlors. The investigation into possible illicit activity was spearheaded by multiple agencies, including local Texas police and agents from Homeland Security. Undercover agents from these agencies visited the massage parlor as clients, where they paid for and received massages. Agents claimed that they were offered sexual favors during the massages, but declined.

Former PE teacher facing state crime charges for alleged theft

A former physical education teacher at a Texas elementary school was arrested for allegedly taking prescription medication from the nurse's office. Current state crime charges include criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and theft, which could all potentially carry long-term implications if the teacher is convicted. Although no longer employed at the school, police have yet to reveal his or her identity.

In Aug. 2016, the school nurse discovered that the lock to a medications cabinet had a broken-off key stuck inside of it. Upon further inspection, the nurse discovered that medications were missing, and she subsequently reported the issue to the school's administration. Local police officials were brought in to help, and they determined that a PE teacher was possibly involved.

Superintendent suspended after arrest on drug possession

Criminal charges have been filed against a Texas superintendent that many believe to be reason for the rejuvenation of a failing school district. Accused of drug possession, the superintendent was arrested during a traffic stop. He has since posted his $250 bond and was released by authorities.

Police claim that they discovered marijuana in the 52-year-old man's car during what was an otherwise routine traffic stop. At one point, attending officers apparently asked the superintendent to step out of his car and noticed him trying to dispose of a small bag as he did so. The plastic bag supposedly contained less than two ounces of marijuana, some rolling papers and a device used for grinding.

Charges for drunk driving filed after rollover wreck

Texas police filed criminal charges against a driver who they claim was intoxicated while behind the wheel of his motor vehicle. Still in police custody, he has been charged with intoxicated manslaughter for allegedly causing a fatal drunk driving accident. The man, however, claims that he was not the one driving at the time of the wreck.

The single-vehicle wreck drew police to the scene at around 4 a.m., where they found the vehicle rolled onto its roof. Inside the vehicle, they found both the 42-year-old man suspected of driving drunk and his female passenger. The 17-year-old teen was unconscious at the time and later pronounced dead at the site of the accident.

Fraternity party ends in drug charges and student's death

A college party ended in the arrest of four students from Texas A&M and the death of one other. The arrests do not appear to be related to the death of the student. Instead, they are centered on various drug charges. The student's cause of death has still yet to be determined.

According to police, the party took place at the fraternity house for Sigma Nu. At least one person at the party noticed an unresponsive 19-year-old student and called the police, alerting them to the situation at shortly before 5 in the morning. Police say that the party was still going on when they arrived a short while later. They were unable to resuscitate the student, and he was later pronounced dead at the hospital.

Father faces felony charge for leaving daughter in hot car

A Texas father is expected to surrender himself into police custody after an arrest warrant was issued for him. He is facing a felony charge for forgetting his young child inside of his car for a short period of time. Although the young girl was not injured, police are not taking the matter lightly.

The 25-year-old father had his young daughter -- aged 10 months old -- in the back of his car when he drove to work. After arriving at his workplace, he apparently forgot that his daughter was in the vehicle, and he left her as he went into work. A short while later, police were notified that a small child had been left inside of a car.