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Texas couple face state crime charges related to funeral home

The care and handling of a deceased loved one’s remains can be a sensitive topic for those who have lost a family member. Recently, the owners of a Texas funeral home were accused of abusing corpses and now face state crime charges. However, they refute those claims and instead say they have been embroiled in a dispute with their landlord.

The owners of the funeral home claim that they were temporarily locked out the month before the bodies were allegedly found. Although it is unclear how long the doors were locked, it was apparently due to back-rent being owed. The landlord claimed that the two fell behind on rent again, and the funeral home owners claim that he returned to the business a second time in order to lock the doors again.

Texas state employee accused of state crime charges

An apparent family altercation recently resulted in serious charges and an arrest for one state employee. Two other alleged incidents culminated in an arrest and multiple state crime charges for the woman. While the Texas Rangers are pursuing the investigation, she is currently out on $8,500 bond.

During the alleged disagreement that occurred at her grandfather’s home, a minor female relative attempted to intervene. After that, the defendant is accused of hitting her in the face multiple times. That claim resulted in an assault charge for causing bodily injury.

Texas Tech football player faces felony charge of assault

A football player for Texas Tech was recently dismissed from the team following allegations that he assaulted another student during a basketball game. He is facing a felony charge for assault. He was in his first month enrolled at the Texas university after having graduated high school in another state.

The alleged incident reportedly happened during a pickup game of basketball that took place on the university’s campus. During the game, he supposedly attacked a woman who played on the school’s women's basketball team. This attack allegedly involved assaults with both his fists and his feet; the woman is said to be awaiting surgery to address a broken bone.

8 accused of drug charges for cocaine trafficking, some in Texas

Apparently, a 1,400-mile stretch between Texas and another coastal state acted as a pipeline for the transport of an illegal drug. Authorities in Texas and one other state recently arrested a total of eight people on federal drug charges for allegedly participating in the transport and distribution of the cocaine. It is believed that they may be part of a larger organization for drug trafficking.

Authorities received a tip from one of their confidential sources that an organization was transporting roughly 200 kilograms of the illegal drug cocaine through Texas every month. After multiple issues along this trek -- such as money, vehicles and drugs being stolen from the organization -- the group gathered for a meeting at the house of an individual that is believed to be one of the bosses. Surveillance was gathered on the subject matter of the meeting.

Texas superintendent handed misdemeanor charge over resume

Some individuals claim that Texas authorities are attempting to apply the law to an incident that does not warrant criminal charges. This belief stems from a misdemeanor charge that a local school district’s superintendent is facing. She recently surrendered to Texas authorities following her indictment, although neither of those actions are an indication of guilt.

In Aug. 2013, the school district employed a new superintendent who apparently discovered that an employee had been ensuring certain school district business went to her husband’s company. She suspended that employee and then, months later, suspended one of the principals of a middle school. A third employee was suspended only months after that, and the superintendent cited the school district’s police chief’s failure to thoroughly investigate acts of vandalism.

Texas man accused of third DWI

A Texas man was recently accused of driving while intoxicated for the third time. Police say that a high-speed chase that may have reached speeds of up to 120 mph ended in his arrest. If convicted of the pending charges, including DWI, he may face up to 12 years in prison. Nevertheless, he and his defense counsel will undoubtedly fight to achieve a different result.

Police say that a Texas man was traveling southbound on Highway 42 when he was allegedly spotted driving 12 miles over the posted speed limit. When a police officer turned his cruiser around to pull the vehicle over, the driver supposedly sped up. As the officer pursued the man, he noticed that the other vehicle had turned off down another road, apparently forcing him to perform a U-turn in order to continue the chase.

Texas volunteer firefighter accused of sex crimes

A Texas school district may be short an IT worker after the arrest of one of its employees. Accused of sex crimes involving some of the students of the district, he was also arrested for possessing child pornography. In addition to his job in the IT department of the Texas school district, he also spent time as a volunteer firefighter.

Although the exact reason why is unclear, local authorities requested that Texas Rangers investigate the man on suspicions that he may have been in possession of child pornography. A few months later, Rangers arrested the man and charged him with the sexual assault of a child. He was also accused of possessing child pornography.

14 alleged TMM members arrested for RICO crimes

Fourteen individuals were recently arrested and charged with violating the Racketeering Influenced Corrupt Organization Act in regards to drug trafficking, extortion and murder. Five of the individuals also face charges of Violent Crime in Aid of Racketeering, and two other individuals have been accused of conspiracy to possess and distribute a controlled substance. Each person faces a significant amount of time in federal prison if convicted of these RICO crimes.

According to the federal indictment, the 14 persons belong to the Texas Mexican Mafia, and the authorities suspect that they have been committing crimes dating back to 2009. In 2009, the individuals allegedly distributed narcotics in Eagle Pass as well as extorted narcotics dealers. The individuals are also accused of destroying weapons purportedly used in the attempted murder of an individual who provided TMM information to the authorities.

Student facing state crime charges may be tried as juvenile

Cell phones have become an integral part of day-to-day life for many individuals in today’s society. For some, it may even be difficult to function without the convenience that many smart phones provide. A Texas teen was recently accused of assaulting a teacher over a cell phone, and in light of the accusations, his school filed state crime charges against him.

According to school policy, the use of cell phones during class is prohibited. Apparently, a substitute teacher confiscated a 16-year-old student’s phone after she noticed that he was texting during class. Afterward, the school says that the student became violent and physically shoved the teacher.

State crime charges filed against alleged fake high schooler

High school is sometimes touted as the best years of a teenager's life. A Texas woman has recently been accused of taking that sentiment a little too close to heart. After some individuals became concerned over details of the woman's identity, and after police were notified, she is currently facing state crime charges for providing false information.

At the time of her arrest, police believed that the woman was 31 years old, though they later said that she is actually 34. She allegedly sought refuge with another woman, purportedly claiming that she was only 15 and needed somewhere to stay. She may have claimed that her own parents were both dead. After she was taken in, and a woman proceeded to act as her guardian.

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