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Allegedly fake doctor might be on the hook for white collar crime

A woman is accused of falsely presenting herself as a doctor, although the clinic that she operates is currently still open and seeing patients. An investigation by Texas police and the Drug Enforcement Agency was prompted by claims that the woman had stolen the identity of a doctor -- a white collar crime. Although it does not appear as if any criminal charges have been filed yet, she could possibly face significant consequences based on the findings of the ongoing investigation.

According to a former patient, the main doctor at the clinic claimed to be a survivor of stage IV cancer that she had ultimately cured herself. That same patient claims that she shelled out $650 per treatment that cost hundreds of dollars less in a different state. Her partner allegedly researched her background on the internet and came to his own conclusion that she had possibly stolen another person's identity in order to cash in on cancer treatments.

Drug distribution allegations cited in indictment

The popularity of synthetic drugs has risen over recent years, and police have devoted more of their time and resources to those believed to be involved with them. Texas police recently charged 16 people on drug distribution allegations. Authorities claim that those involved had the intent to distribute some synthetic drugs that were in their possession.

Several agencies teamed up to complete the multi-year operation that resulted in the 13-count indictment. Police seized over nine tons of synthetic drugs and millions of dollars during that period of time. The synthetic drugs were supposedly packaged in small bags under various names, including Kush and potpourri, and sold at places like convenience stores and gas stations. Authorities claim that synthetic drugs are causing deaths across the state, but they did not link any of those alleged deaths to the recent arrests.

FBI investigation leads to mail fraud charges for Texas educators

The growing number of standardized tests has caused increase stress for students and educators alike, but recently filed criminal charges claim that one Texas school district did not handle the stress all that well. Five educators from one of the state's school districts are charged with conspiring to commit mail fraud, among other allegations. A federal grand jury recently indicted all five of the educators.

The FBI launched an investigation in Dec. 2010 after learning of a possible cheating scheme going on at the school district. Prior to the FBI's involvement, the district was allegedly already aware of a possible scandal after it was discovered that the transcripts of nearly 80 students had been falsified. The district denied any type of wrongdoing at that time.

Protect your rights with an effective criminal defense

If you have been charged with a crime, your future and freedom are on the line. Even if the charges against you are seemingly minor, a conviction can carry penalties that may have a major impact on several areas of your life. In order to protect your best interests, it is prudent to see to it that a criminal defense is uniquely tailored to your individual goals.

The lawyer that you choose can directly impact the criminal proceedings, including the amount of your bail and the time, if any, that you will spend in jail. Upon arrest or the moment that you learn you may be under investigation, it is important to seek the assistance of a lawyer who is experienced in criminal defense. Our close knowledge of the Texas Penal Code and the criminal justice system gives our clients a distinct advantage during a complex and difficult time.

Blood alcohol content results still pending re university student

Police in Texas arrested a student from the University of Houston after he was allegedly involved in a fatal car accident. Charged with intoxicated manslaughter, the student was recently denied bail, meaning that he will currently be held in police custody at least until he hires counsel, a stipulation handed down by the judge. His blood alcohol content at the time of the wreck has still not been confirmed.

The 23-year-old university student was apparently on his way home from a party in the early hours of the morning. Police believe he was speeding when he attempted to pass another vehicle, taking his pickup truck onto the sidewalk rather than the road for which he had been aiming. A couple happened to be walking along the sidewalk at the time and were hit by the truck. The girlfriend survived with injuries, though her boyfriend was killed.

Agriculture commissioner investigated for white collar crime

Texas' agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is currently under investigation for allegedly misusing taxpayer money. No charges regarding the white collar crime have been filed yet, but it is possible that the investigation will eventually yield criminal repercussions. Currently, the investigation is following suspicions that he abused his official capacity.

Miller not only serves as the agriculture commissioner but also works as a calf-roper in rodeos. Officials claim that he used at least $1,000 of tax payer money to travel to another state in order to receive an injection of an anti-inflammatory that is only available from one doctor in the United States. The shot has been dubbed "the Jesus shot" for its supposed effectiveness at treating chronic pain.

Federal drug charges filed against former Texas police officer

A drug seizure eventually led to the arrest of a Texas police officer involved in the process. No longer employed with the police department, the former officer is facing federal drug charges for trafficking. He is also facing at least one additional criminal charge for allegedly receiving compensation for his actions.

In March 2013, police seized what they suspected to be cocaine from a taxi cab that had been abandoned. After being transported to a police facility, officers discovered that 4 of the 17 kilograms of possible cocaine had been removed. Four wooden blocks were found mixed in with the drugs to apparently make up for the lost weight.

Texas teacher says misdemeanor charge unfounded

Grades are an important tool for determining scholarship eligibility, and students and parents alike can be understandably upset when grades do not stack up. One Texas teacher says that a student's family went far beyond disappointed and actually took action to have the grade unfairly changed. She claims the family's actions ultimately led to a misdemeanor charge being filed against her.

The 29-year veteran French teacher gave one of her students an average of 90 percent for the grading period in question, a grade that apparently kept the student from being listed as one of the top in the class. With an eye on a $40,000 scholarship that is only available to those who graduate among the top of their class, the student's parents met with the teacher and apparently insisted that she had been unfair. They also requested that the student's grade be increased from 90 to 100 percent.

Pilot with United Airlines arrested for state crime charges

Authorities in Texas recently filed charges related to what they say was a significant prostitution ring being headed by a professional pilot. The 51-year-old pilot for United Airlines was arrested in connection with multiple brothels that operated in one of Texas' major cities. He is now facing state crime charges for promoting prostitution and engaging in organized crime.

The pilot was under investigation for 8 months, and police say that he was responsible for several brothels that fronted as simple massage parlors. Up to 10 women were apparently living in each one, for which they were expected to pay several hundred dollars a week in order to work. This money apparently covered the costs of online advertising.

Texas police arrest Lyft driver on DWI charges

Police in Texas recently arrested a Lyft driver while he was in the process of transporting a passenger. The driver was charged with a DWI after apparently failing a field sobriety test. Although at this stage he is simply accused of driving under the influence and has not been found guilty, his connection with the driving service Lyft was severed.

It is not clear where the Lyft driver's passenger was heading, although he did disclose that he had sold his vehicle and regularly used Lyft as a means to travel to and from work. The passenger was under the impression that his driver might have simply been inattentive when he began to drift out of his lane. Later, he reported that the driver hit the brakes at a green light.