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Over 100 people indicted on state crime charges for shooting

Alleged members of various biker gangs made national news after a shooting incident in Texas, and a grand jury recently indicted the vast majority who were arrested that day. In total, 186 individuals have been indicted for the shooting deaths of nine people and for the injuries suffered by others who were present at the time. Current state crime charges include allegations of taking part in an organized criminal activity, with both murder and assault listed as underlying offenses.

The most recent indictment brought an additional 106 people forward to face charges for the shootout. Of those 106, at least nine people were not actually arrested on the day that the shooting took place, and it is unclear what led prosecutors to levy these allegations against them. One expert speculates that those individuals were either present that day and then left prior to police arrival, or that police might suspect that they played some type of organizational role in the shooting.

Federal investigation yields health care fraud charges for 4

Federal officials arrested four people in Texas following an investigation into possible Medicare fraud. Two of the defendants co-own an agency that provides home-health services to patients who qualify for various treatments. Investigators believe that the health care fraud involved providing home-health services to patients who did not actually qualify for them.

As part of the alleged scheme to defraud Medicare, the owners supposedly shared a portion of profits with doctors who were willing to authorize unnecessary in-home services. The agency would then bill Medicare for these unnecessary services. In some cases, they are believed to have filed bills for services that may never have been provided.

College student brought in on drug charges

A 19-year-old student at a Texas university recently posed for a picture much different than the one she likely took for her student ID -- a mug shot. Authorities arrested the college student on some fairly hefty drug charges related to substances that she allegedly had in her possession. She is believed to have orchestrated a substantial drug ring that supplied several different illicit substances, including marijuana.

Listed on the dean's list at Blinn College, it is not entirely clear how she became the subject of a drug investigation. However, police claim that she had large amounts of marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, ecstasy and one other type of drug in her possession. Aside from the actual drugs, digital scales were allegedly recovered alongside an inventory list.

Woman faces state crime charges after rescuing dog

A dog found on the side of the road ultimately sparked a criminal investigation that landed one Texas woman behind bars. Facing state crime charges for theft, she claims that she had rescued the animal and was in the process of protecting it from a dangerous and unhealthy environment. A man who claimed to be the dog's owner disagreed and contacted authorities after the rescuer refused to hand over the animal.

The dog was initially discovered by a motorist who nearly struck the animal with his or her vehicle. That motorist eventually brought the dog to the woman in question, although it is not clear if there was any pre-existing relationship between the two people. Once in possession of the dog, the woman took her to the veterinarian who determined that she was severely underweight. Additionally, the dog was found without a collar or any other identifying information. The woman proceeded to post the dog's picture to social media and pointed out that it appeared to have been mistreated.

Driver facing felony state crime charges for motorcycle wreck

Many car accidents are simply that -- accidents. However, Texas police claim that an elderly man intentionally struck a motorcycle with his vehicle, injuring two people in the process. The state crime charges the driver now faces are both felonies.

The incident was caught on camera by a trailing motorcycle rider and apparently witnessed by a trooper with the Texas Department of Public safety, neither of whom were involved in the crash. The video appears to depict the motorcycle driver crossing a double yellow line while in the process of illegally passing two cars in front of him. The second car that the biker tried to pass swerved out of its lane and also crossed the double yellow line, striking the motorcycle and throwing both of its occupants. The car driver later claimed that a spider had crawled onto his groin and bit him, which -- according to him -- was what caused the vehicle to swerve.

Shia LaBeouf briefly jailed for misdemeanor charge

Shia LaBeouf -- the actor who rose to stardom with the Transformer series -- was recently accused of making a much different transformation on the streets of Texas. After a night out, he now faces a misdemeanor charge for public intoxication. However, it is not yet clear if there is actually enough evidence for the case to proceed to trial.

LaBeouf's arrest apparently stemmed from an incident during which he crossed the street despite a cross light indicating that it was unsafe to do so. While in the crosswalk, an oncoming police vehicle had to slow in order to allow his safe passage, even though police claim that the motor vehicles had the right of way at the time. The officer proceeded to flash his lights and then pulled over.

6 accused of committing white collar crime in Texas

The alleged discovery of multiple illegal gamerooms resulted in the arrest of six Texas-area people. One of the accused -- Katherine Le -- was a local celebrity and socialite who even landed on a best dressed list in 2010. According to authorities, Le and five other people were all accused of participating in the same white collar crime and initially had their bails set at $1 million, although those amounts have since been lowered.

Three different gamerooms were involved in what police say was a serious criminal enterprise. The rooms housed 8-liner slot machines, which are not legal. Since police initially launched their investigation in 2013, those slot machines allegedly netted the group nearly $6 million.

Pain doctor arrested on drug charges after wreck

After a 68-year-old man caused a fatal wreck, police arrested the driver as well as a man who was nowhere near the scene of the accident -- the driver's doctor. Texas police arrested the doctor on multiple drug charges, including allegations that he overprescribed his patients. The driver who caused the wreck was supposedly under the influence of prescription medication at the time.

According to authorities, the pain medicine doctor might have been involved in the running of a so-called pill mill. These types of operations usually involve providing legal prescriptions for pain medication to patients; however, it is unclear why he is suspected of being involved. He has also been named as a suspect in the deaths of multiple deaths from prescription medication overdoses.

A dozen people indicted for health care fraud

For many elderly people in Texas who suffer from ongoing health problems, in-home health care can be an invaluable service. However, state authorities believe that one home health agency might have been submitting invalid claims for reimbursement. As such, a dozen individuals have been indicted on allegations of health care fraud.

Although the fraud allegedly began as far back as Aug. 2013, the 12 people involved in the investigation were not indicted until recently. According to investigators, the alleged operation lasted from Aug. 2013 until Nov. 2014, during which time employees with Three Angels Home Health supposedly sought out individuals who did not qualify for in-home care. Authorities claim that the agency then paid these people anywhere from $100 to about $200 in order to encourage them to sign up for Medicare insurance.

Facing a felony charge? Don't wait to act

While defendants facing any type of criminal charge in Texas should treat their allegations seriously, certain charges do require an exceptional commitment to defense. Whether a misdemeanor or felony charge, accusations involving the loss of a life are some of the most serious offenses in the state of Texas. These types of charges can stem from a variety of situations, including car accidents.

Even if a death was the result of an accident, the state can still bring criminal charges against an individual that it believes is responsible. For instance, if a death arises from a car accident, a driver accused of causing the wreck could possibly face vehicular manslaughter charges. In other situations where a person loses his or her life, evidence obtained by the police might lead them to believe that a manslaughter or even murder charge is warranted.