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Three men face federal crime charges for alleged oil theft scheme

Even as gas prices continue to drop across much of Texas and the United States, the sale of oil can still be a lucrative business opportunity for many people. Federal authorities believe that three men planned to steal oil from two different energy companies. Apparently, no oil was actually taken, although the men still face federal crime charges.

Three men have been indicted for the scheme, one of whom worked for Anardarko Petroleum Corp., while another was employed with Newfield Exploration Co. The third man actually owned a company that provided wastewater removal service, primarily to oil well sites. The two employees of the energy companies were given permission to allow the wastewater removal truck onto the premises. 

Texas man arrested for Bitcoin securities fraud

Bitcoin was created in an attempt to revolutionize the world of online payments. Although it has yet to take hold with the average consumer, the digital currency has become popular among some Internet users. A Texas man who is one of those users was recently arrested on securities fraud charges related to Bitcoin use. 

The man accused cyberfraud and financial fraud in relation to the running of an online Bitcoin scheme was in a Texas federal court in early November to have the details of his criminal complaint outlined. He stands accused of using the digital currency to run a scheme that essentially tricked other users out of their money. Out of the 100 investors that he had on board, it is reported that nearly half lost a substantial amount of money. 

Even threat of assault can cause misdemeanor charge

Some individuals in Texas may have been unaware that he or she can be charged with assault without ever touching anyone else. If an officer supposedly witnessed you simply threaten to physically harm another person, this can be enough to warrant an arrest. Usually this only constitutes a misdemeanor charge

Unfortunately, a common misconception for those facing assault charges is the idea that these types of charges can simply be dropped. Although it may be true that the alleged victim does not wish for the accused to face criminal charges, these charges stem from the state and not from any one individual. Even if an individual is ultimately cleared of the charges, the arrest will stick around on his or her criminal record, which potential future employers may see.

Alleged sexual assault victim in Texas blames friend's wife

Sexual assault is a charge that is typically thought of as being filed by a female victim against a male assailant. However, men can also be victims of sexual assault. A recent alleged assault in Texas illustrates the possibility.

In late October, a woman allegedly forced her way into the home of a friend of her husband's during the night. The victim alleges that he was unaware of the woman's presence until he awoke after feeling an individual on top of him. When he saw the female, he claims he immediately recognized her as the wife of one of his friends. Despite telling her to leave, he says that she continued to perform inappropriate and unwanted acts on him.

Drug charges among those filed in arrest of 14 in Texas

The criminal process is often complex. Most importantly, all procedures must not violate the rights of those facing criminal charges. However, those with no experience concerning the law may have difficulty navigating the process without professional assistance. At least 14 people in Texas are facing drug charges, among other accusations.

Police describe the group as a theft ring. As part of the investigation and arrest process, police claim they confiscated a significant amount of property that had previously been reported stolen. Some of the property included a vehicle, televisions and several other relatively expensive items. The property had allegedly been taken from three different counties.

White collar crimes like forgery and fraud can be fought

Been accused of a white collar crime in Texas? Unfortunately, it isn't unusual for a prosecutor to obtain evidence in such a way that is an obvious violation of your rights. Often, aggressive action is needed against these procedures. Even without any obvious trail or evidence, white collar crimes such as wire fraud or forgery can have serious implications.

Without the usual hard evidence associated with other criminal offenses, these types of allegations are typically in a league of their own. However, there is no one type of individual who is usually charged with such crimes. In fact, nearly anyone could be accused of committing them -- not just business men working at large corporations. For instance, those accused of computer hacking don't have to be working in an IT Department.

Defense claims that man is not competent to face felony charge

Unfortunately, there are many individuals across the United States who are suffering from serious mental illnesses and are unable to receive adequate treatment. In some instances, a serious mental illness may cause an individual to act in such a way that they have little to no control over. The case of a 19-year-old Texas man facing a felony charge has been in limbo for the past two years as his mental competency has been thoroughly investigated.

Roughly two years ago, a 911 operator received a call from the then 17-year-old boy who reported that his mother and sister were dead. While on the phone with 911, he allegedly admitted to killing both of them. Although he was indicted on murder charges in 2012, he has yet to stand trial.

When can I be charged with a DWI?

It is well known that driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol is illegal in Texas and across the United States. However, what exactly constitutes a DWI charge may be less clear. While blood alcohol concentration can play a role in whether you'll have to face charges for drunk driving, it is not the only factor that is taken into consideration.

Breathalyzers and blood tests are both considered chemical testing, and under the implied consent law, drivers must submit to this type of testing if under the suspicion of drunk driving. For adults, which the law considers to be 21 years for the purpose of drunk driving, the legal limit for a BAC is .08 percent. However, in some instances, even a BAC below the legal limit may contribute to a DWI charge. Conversely, chemical testing is not the only means to determine suspected drunk driving.

One Texas County DA to allow pass on first-time pot drug charges

The legal system is supposed to be designed to improve society for all people. This is why district attorneys have discretion over how to pursue each criminal case. Many times, it does not make sense to send somebody to prison for certain non-violent drug charges. One district attorney for a county in Texas seems to believe this and is now looking to allow some people to escape facing charges for marijuana.

The district attorney of this county has recently announced that the department will soon begin allowing first-time offenders who are caught with only small amounts of the drug to avoid criminal charges. The first-time offenders will have the choice to either perform eight hours of community service or to complete a class on drug awareness. The district attorney believes that this policy will help prevent people from constantly going in and out of the criminal justice system.

Apparent bank fraud ring indicted on federal charges

Federal authorities in Texas recently broke up what they say was a relatively elaborate fraud scheme. A total of 16 people were indicted following arrests, and they have been accused of committing bank fraud to the tune of $1.3 million. Those arrested face a combined total of 76 counts of federal charges.

Those involved apparently stole most of their information from cars that were parked in public places. Federal authorities claim that the accused individuals  were able to steal various personal items, such as purses and wallets, as well as other critical identify information, including checks. Stolen checks were then allegedly cashed in at banks.

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