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Sexual assault charges filed against former band teacher

A Texas high school band leader resigned from his position following serious criminal allegations. Charged with multiple felonies for what was described as an inappropriate relationship with one of his students, he is currently still behind bars. The investigation into the alleged sexual assault of a teenager is still ongoing at this time.

Police say that the relationship between the instructor and 16-year-old girl began over text messages. The two exchanged texts of an apparent sexual nature for approximately nine months before it is believed that anything further happened. In an affidavit, the former teacher allegedly admitted that he had touched the student underneath her clothing while the two were in his school office.

With 1 felony charge remaining, Rick Perry files for dismissal

It is not uncommon for defendants who believe that there is no credible evidence against them to request that their charges be dismissed. Former Texas Governor Rick Perry has already had one felony charge dismissed, and he is currently requesting that the other be dismissed as well. The possible dismissal is currently pending with the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals.

In 2014, Perry was indicted by a grand jury on two federal charges -- coercing a public servant and abusing power. The charges ultimately stemmed from a county district attorney who, after pleading guilty on drunk driving charges, did not resign. Perry vetoed over $7 million of public integrity funding when the resignation he had requested did not come. His veto of the funding was ultimately followed by the series of criminal allegations.

I've been charged with racketeering, what does that mean?

Falling under the umbrella term of white-collar crimes, racketeering typically refers to one of two situations. Often prosecuted under specific laws and statutes, racketeering charges are also handled according to the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act. For defendants facing allegations of racketeering, RICO drastically altered the playing field.

One type of racketeering involves an illegal business run by some type of organized group such as a gang. These so-called rackets have not changed much over time in Texas, and they still include covers for other activities such as drug, sex or weapons trafficking. Part of a racket's staying power is typically in the large number of people working for it. A common tactic for those heading up rackets is to bring in as many workers as possible in order to make arresting everyone involved an almost impossible task.

Two Texas men behind bars on drug charges

Two men are in police custody on allegations that they both took part in activities related to organized crime. In addition to drug charges, the pair are also accused of cock fighting. It is possible that the two might have also been involved in a suspected drug trafficking operation.

Multiple departments in Texas participated in an investigation into suspected drug trafficking activities that apparently led them to the two men. Authorities made the arrests at a residence, although it is unclear if the home belonged to either of those arrested. Although several different drugs were supposedly being trafficked from that specific location -- including marijuana, cocaine, prescription medications and methamphetamine - - police only recovered methamphetamine, various drug paraphernalia and a firearm.

Driver faces DWI charges related to fatal accident

Police have arrested a driver that they claim might have played a role in the death of a motorcyclist. The deceased victim was apparently not wearing any type of helmet at the time of the deadly accident, which is illegal in Texas except under certain circumstances. The driver suspected of striking the motorist was initially arrested on allegations of intoxicated assault, although those DWI charges were upgraded following the motorcyclist's death.

The 59-year-old man had supposedly made a fast-food purchase just before the accident. After picking up his order in a drive-thru lane at a fast-food joint, police say the driver then pulled out of the parking lot and onto an adjacent street. However, he allegedly cut a motorcyclist off, causing the motorcycle rider to strike his vehicle.

Judge unseals wire fraud indictment

The recent unsealing of an indictment shines a little more light on the charges concerning a suspected Ponzi scheme. A suspect accused of committing wire fraud is also facing additional charges of three counts of identity theft. While he faces criminal charges in Texas, he is also the defendant of a civil suit in another state.

Police claim that at least one person in Texas was a victim of an investment fraud scheme that could have netted millions. The man accused of engaging in the fraudulent behavior allegedly attempted to sell royalties and investments from the oil and gas industry that he did not actually own. Some of the assignments that he supposedly tried to sell were actually owned by people in other states. He apparently also claimed that he had successfully invested in multiple businesses in the oil industry.

Local community thinks misdemeanor charge not warranted

A Texas man who is being hailed as a hero by his neighbors might have to face criminal charges soon. According to state law, hunting or killing an animal without a license is a misdemeanor charge. However, police have not released any definitive information as to whether he will actually be charged for his alleged actions.

The day before an experienced hunter killed an 11-foot long alligator, his friend had gone swimming in a local bayou. That same night, the swimmer's body was found after being attacked by the alligator. The attack apparently caused a great deal of unease in the area surrounding the bayou, and possibly dissatisfied with the reaction from authorities, the hunter decided to take action into his own hands. He killed the alligator with a single shot to the animal's head. 

Former Chase Power CEO and president indicted for wire fraud

A jury recently indicted two former employees of Chase Power CEO on allegations of fraud. The mail and wire fraud charges stem from what prosecutors claim was inappropriate use of company funds. Their former employer -- Chase Power -- is perhaps best known for its attempt to build a failed Texas gulf power plant. 

As the former president and CEO of Chase, the two apparently had relatively easy access to various company funds. The indictment accuses the pair of using company money to purchase personal memberships to country clubs or to buy plane tickets for personal travel. It is believed that expense reports were used to hide these types of purchases.

Volleyball coach accused of sexual assault with teen

Texas parents have accused a local business owner of acting inappropriately with their daughter, and police apparently suspect that more teenage girls might have been involved. The gym owner in question was also a volleyball coach to the girls. Arrested on drug and sexual assault charges, he is currently free on bond. 

The defendant established a volleyball club at the gym that he owned and welcomed teenage girls into the program, where he acted as their coach. However, parents claim that there were ulterior motives behind the volleyball club. Several different girls were allegedly supplied with marijuana before he engaged in sexual activity with them. Instances of sexual assault are believed to have taken place inside his vehicle, at various motels and at other undisclosed locations. The marijuana he gave the teens was possibly obtained in another state under the guise of medicinal use. 

Social advocate wins appeal for state crime charges

A Texas man who has spent the past three years standing up for victims of alleged corrupt behavior and misconduct by state police was recently arrested over an incident with his cell phone. By shining light on injustices and advocating for transparency from virtually all levels of government, community activists are often an essential part of any well-rounded area or neighborhood. Currently, all but one of his felony and state crime charges have been dropped.

In March 2013, the man was present in court while several minors were in attendance for allegedly being late or not showing up to school. At that point in time, this was a misdemeanor. The man was apparently upset by the way that the judge appeared to be scolding the teenagers, and so he pulled out his cell phone to record the incident. When the judge realized what was going on, she demanded the phone be turned over to her, and once in her possession, she retreated to her chambers for approximately two hours.