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Investigator suspended following misdemeanor DWI

A Texas juvenile investigator was suspended following an arrest, although she is still receiving pay. Charged with a DWI, she has apparently not posted her bond yet. Although the local police chief noted that the woman has never had any type of criminal violation during her time on the force, a conviction could have an adverse impact on the future of her career.

Around 2 a.m., a patrolling police officer supposedly witnessed a vehicle fail to stop at a red light. When the officer turned on his flashing lights and pulled up behind the vehicle, the driver reportedly attempted to pull over but ended up striking the curb. The vehicle then went up onto the sidewalk, where it came to a rest.

Texas anesthesiologist charged with health care fraud

A federal jury recently indicted a Texas anesthesiologist who allegedly took part in health care fraud. Founder of a popular anesthesia care service, the defendant's image has since been removed from the website. If convicted on any one of the 17 counts of health care fraud, he may have to contend with some serious consequences.

According to the indictment, the anesthesiologist supposedly submitted fabricated medical and procedure records to several insurance companies, including Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas. He has also been accused of telling others that he was present for procedures that never took place, and then having them create bills to be submitted to the insurance company. It is believed that roughly $5 million of $8 million that he received for claims could be from fraudulent claims.

2 University of Texas football players accused of sexual assault

Two student athletes at the University of Texas will not be on the field with their teammates as a criminal investigation against them continues. Accused of sexual assault, the head football coach decided to suspend both of them from the team indefinitely. Although few people would likely argue that suspected acts of sexual aggression should not be treated seriously, it is still important to remember that these claims are still only allegations, and neither of these two men have been convicted of anything. 

The charges stem from an incident in June 2014, when one of the players apparently engaged in consensual sexual relations with a woman at a dormitory on UT's campus. After the initial consensual relations, the woman alleges that another player was let into the room. The woman claims that this was when the sexual assault occurred. 

Local businessman arrested for drug possession

A Texas business man and former marine was arrested after a security guard accused him of creating disturbances at a local hotel. He is also facing charges for drug possession after police apparently found a small amount of an illegal substance on his person. He is currently still behind bars, although a judge set his bond at $12,000.

A security guard at the hotel became aware of an ongoing altercation involving a woman and the man that was arrested. The guard reported that the man not only used foul language against him, but also hit him in the face a total of three times. After phoning police about the incident, the guard apparently restrained the man by holding his wrists down against the ground.

Texas veteran faces securities fraud for stockbroking firm

At least one individual familiar with an army veteran who is facing criminal charges expressed surprise at the accusations. This veteran is the founder and CEO of a Texas-based stockbroker business. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) allege that he was never actually licensed to perform that type of job. Following the securities fraud charges, the SEC froze his assets. 

The veteran dedicated 12 years of his life to the U.S. Army before separating in 2013. In 2014, he struck out on his own as an entrepreneur. His business advised clients on stock and securities opportunities and also helped guide them toward attractive investment opportunities. 

We understand the unique needs of a juvenile criminal defense

For minors who have the rest of their lives rich with educational and career opportunities ahead of them, an arrest on criminal charges could change everything. Texas parents and children facing these issues may be unsure of what kind of criminal defense minors can benefit from the most. This confusion is understandable, and the answer can heavily depend on whether a charge is a misdemeanor or felony, and if the child is being charged as a minor or an adult.

Although most individuals under the age of the 18 are handled in the juvenile court system, there are exceptions in which a minor may be tried as an adult. This typically does not occur for minor offenses, but it is common when a minor has been accused of an especially violent crime. In such instances, the consequences of a conviction would be the same as an adult offender. 

Accused of sexual assault, deputy faces charges

A local Texas deputy is one of at least seven individuals who have been accused of official oppression. Though perhaps not a charge with which all are familiar, it is a charge related to the use of one's official status to oppress another person. Alleged incidents leading up to the most recent official oppression charge include at least one possible instance of sexual assault.

The deputy, who is no longer employed by the sheriff's office, faces charges that stem from when he was still on the job. In addition to the official oppression charge, he has also been charged with bribery, although details of the incident leading to that charge are unclear. The former deputy is also suspected of offering to help a woman with her ongoing case if she agreed to perform certain sexual activities. These allegations also contributed to the county's decision to terminate his employment. 

6 people from Texas facing federal crime charges

Texas police recently arrested six individuals believed to be responsible for a series of home invasions. Since their arrest, all six have been indicted on federal crime charges. The charges vary from person to person and include assault with a dangerous weapon as well as racketeering conspiracy.

The federal indictment includes a claim that the six-member group referred to themselves as the Castro Enterprise. The group allegedly had a strong suspicion that certain households in the North Texas area stored their money at home rather than in banks. Most of the targeted households were of Asian and Indian descent.

Felony charge warrant included sheriff, other county employees

Four Texas men are behind bars following arrests on allegations of government document tampering. One of those arrested was a local sheriff, and the other three were all employed by the county sheriff's office. Tampering with documents is considered a felony charge, as is breaching computer security, which is the second charge on which they were arrested. 

The accusations come from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, which launched the investigation following information that professional misconduct might have occurred. TCOLE's affidavit alleges that the sheriff convinced someone else to take an important exam on his behalf. He supposedly also had another individual report that she had witnessed an inmate at a bar instead of in jail where he or she was supposed to be.

Texas authorities charge teacher with sex offenses

Crimes in which minors are the victims are taken seriously by Texas authorities, and, in some instances, the news of a suspected incident may spread quickly throughout a community. While the extra care that police appear to give to crimes against minors is most likely a comfort for many who are following a story, it can sometimes create an unfair presumption of guilt against the accused. A local case that involves a teacher now charged with sex offenses is a reminder of the importance of the presumption of innocence.

The teacher has been accused of engaging in an inappropriate relationship with a 15-year-old student in April 2014. At the time, the teacher was 23 years old. These accusations came to light after a resource officer at the school somehow received information about the alleged relationship. In turn, the proper authorities were notified, and an arrest warrant was issued.