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Texas police officer indicted on misdemeanor charge for Taser use

The alleged misuse of a Taser resulted in a Texas police officer's unpaid suspension. A misdemeanor charge for official oppression has also been filed against him. He was formally indicted recently. While police officers tend to face difficult situations in which they must make split-second decisions, recent confrontations between law enforcement and individuals across the United States have apparently brought tighter scrutiny to officer's actions.

Three police officers responded to a call for possible suspicious behavior in what has been described as a small college town with primarily black students. Two of the officers who responded were also black, and their other colleague -- the man who has since been criminally charged -- was white. Just prior to the discharge of the Taser, the officers were questioning four individuals about the possible activity. When one of the men did not follow instructions, the officer discharged the Taser according to the advice of one of the other officers present.

State crime charges in ongoing Planned Parenthood controversy

A Texas area Planned Parenthood location became the focal point of news outlets across the United States when allegations of unsavory and illegal behavior were raised. The accusations were apparently supported by an undercover video captured and prompted a serious investigation. However, what police discovered cleared the organization of any wrongdoing and instead turned the focus toward the two people who actually made the video. Since then, both people have been accused of felony state crime charges.

The video that sparked the outrage and investigation reportedly indicated that a planned parenthood official was confirming that the organization would sell fetal tissue. Buying or selling any type of human organ is explicitly illegal and can net an individual convicted of such can spend a year behind bars. The implications of the video were certainly concerning to the community.

Shooting prompts police to arrest three for drug distribution

An apparent shooting led local Texas police to arrest three young men on drug-related allegations. Accused of drug distribution for marijuana, all three remain in police custody with bond set at $30,000 each. It is possible that police will make additional arrests or file different charges as the investigation into the incident continues.

According to police reports, the three men, ranging in age from 18 to 21 years old, drove to a town outside of their own residence in order to deliver marijuana to a group of buyers. The number of individuals present at the apparent drug deal was not disclosed, but police did say that they believe everyone present was in possession of a firearm. When the deal apparently fell through, local residents alerted police to the possibility of a shooting.

Wyly family still dealing with securities fraud allegations

Allegations of tax evasion landed a Texas family in hot water with authorities, but not everyone believes that they did anything wrong. The fines associated with securities fraud and tax avoidance are quite severe and can be understandably difficult to confront. The well-known entrepreneurial Wyly family continues to insist that they did not violate any standing laws.

The Wylys made their claim to fame when Sam Wyly and his brother established a series of successful businesses across a wide range of fields. The brothers succeeded not by manning each business themselves, but instead by bringing in outside experts on an area to lead each respective business toward success. While amassing their fortunes, the Wylys elected to establish offshore trusts, a decision that was overseen by experts on the matter.

Tonya Couch to face felony charge in Texas

Thanks to continual and ongoing news coverage, the vast majority of people in Texas are intimately familiar with the Ethan Couch's criminal case. Deemed the so-called affluenza kid by media, he has been the focus of intense news coverage. Now, his mother is also facing a felony charge for the alleged role she played in her son's alleged flight from Texas authorities.

Ethan Couch apparently did not attend a scheduled probation meeting last Dec. 2015. In that same time frame, a video depicting what appeared to be a party involving alcohol and featuring the teenager was uploaded online. These two instances sparked concern with the authorities. They attempted to contact Ethan, only to discover that both he and his mother, Tanya Couch, were missing.

Texas mother arrested on state crime charges for theft

Authorities in Texas have filed criminal charges against a mother for seeking medical care following a serious incident with her child. The mother is suspected of having her son undergo potentially unnecessary medical procedures, although she will likely face charges related to that allegation in another state. However, she still faces state crime charges in Texas for allegations of fraudulent behavior with Medicaid.

At the age of five, the woman's son had a nasty fall from which he suffered a brief head injury. The injury put him in the hospital for a total of four days until he was eventually discharged. At the time, doctors apparently thought he would recover well, but prosecutors claim that his mother told other people that her son was now permanently disabled. Years later, she took him to another state to have multiple procedures, including a brain shunt and lumbar drain, but doctors in Texas say that they never referred the boy for any of those operations. Dealing with the no doubt overwhelming burden of caring for a sick child can be difficult, but there are some who might question whether it should be considered criminal to move forward with a procedure that differs from one doctor's opinion.

Romantic gesture ends in state crime charges

A Texas man made national news when he took a unique approach to proposing marriage to his girlfriend. However, what started as an act of love resulted in authorities filing state crime charges against the man. Although he is out on bond, it is possible that the charges he faces could put a damper on his marriage plans.

The proposal took place on Interstate 45 when the man dropped down to one knee and asked his now-fiance for her hand in marriage. Traffic was reportedly backed up at that point, and car horns can reportedly be heard on a video of that was taken of the proposal. Cars apparently resorted to passing on the shoulder of the roadway in order to get around the happy couple.

Fault undetermined but drunk driving charges filed in Texas crash

When a motor vehicle accident takes place on a Texas roadway, it is not always immediately apparent who is at fault. Accidents involving more than one vehicle often result in personal injuries to one or more persons. If a police officer responding to the scene determines that a driver has acted under the influence of alcohol, drunk driving charges may be filed.

Just before 11 p.m. on a recent Saturday in Houston, a sports utility vehicle was reportedly driving through an intersection. That vehicle and a small white car apparently collided. Several people suffered injuries in the crash.

Whites don't face drug charges with the same fear as blacks

An arrest in Texas of a 19-year-old white female for drug possession and manufacture has touched off a national story. The first news reports initiated a slightly viral distribution of the girl's mugshot nationwide. It shows a teenage girl broadly smiling in a portrayal of self-confidence and even happiness that would be more akin to that of a Miss Teen America winner than a woman posing to face serious felony drug charges.

The initial reports struck on the woman's adorable and attractive features, enhanced by her seemingly carefree smile in the mugshot taken just minutes after her arrest. That unusual image and its story line took a turn in another direction when reports indicated that her father was a well-known Drug Enforcement Administration manager of the local office of that federal agency. In more sober reflection later in the week, the news reports were more somber, comparing the girl's relaxed reaction to the likely anguished reaction of a black person that age in that situation.

Drug charges: Mother allegedly shares pot with teens on sleepover

When a Texas mother recently saw an image of her teenager posing with a glass pipe for pot smoking on Instagram, she was naturally concerned. It was later determined that the girl was one of eight teens who attended a sleepover at the house of a 32-year-old woman. The ages of the partygoers were 12, 13 and 14. The mother who allegedly provided the marijuana is now facing drug charges.

According to an arrest report, the woman allowed the teenagers to each drink two beers because they were staying over at her house. It is further alleged that she later offered to share with the children the marijuana she was smoking. Two of the kids posed for the Instagram picture that was reportedly later deleted, but not before the mother of one of the teens saw it.