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Drug charges for 4 Texas men after disturbance call

When unforeseen and seemingly unrelated circumstances lead to an arrest, the accused must be left wondering what went wrong. Certainly the mysterious reasons behind a police raid four hours east of San Antonio seem entirely baffling. Four Texas men now face a variety of drug charges as the result of police action for a completely different issue.

Officers from the Vidor Police Department responded to a pair of calls about a disturbance at a house. The calls both came at around 4:30 p.m. One caller claimed a woman was being raped, while the other reported a woman was being held against her wishes.

Theft Convictions Can Have Big Consequences

In Texas, a seemingly minor theft accusation can still land you in hot water. Even if you think the evidence against you is weak and the alleged theft involves something of little value, your life could be seriously impacted by a conviction. It's important to stay informed about how the Texas legal system defines and prosecutes theft and larceny charges.


In Texas, some theft charges are classed as misdemeanors. Class C is the least serious, moving progressively to Class A. The determination usually depends on the value of what was allegedly taken. Class C misdemeanor charges stem from items valued $50 or less; Class B for items valued at between $51 and $500; and Class A for items that $501 to $1500.

Drug charges for driver after unrelated car accident

It sometimes happens that a series of seemingly unconnected events can align and cause a person trouble. When the culmination of those events leaves that person facing drug charges, the trouble becomes very serious. For one unfortunate Texas man, his very bad series of events began with a car accident.

Police responded to an accident in Bryan, a small town northwest of Houston, on Nov. 22. Three cars were involved in the crash near the Braircrest Drive exit off Texas 6. During the investigation, an officer apparently became aware of the smell of marijuana emanating from one of the vehicles.

Sexual assault charge levied against seniors' home nurse

Those individuals who work in what are considered positions of trust are sometimes most likely to be in situations that seem inappropriate. Perhaps most at risk are men and women whose jobs put them in close physical proximity, or even in direct contact with other people. A Texas man who works with the elderly now stands accused of sexual assault by a patient in his care. 

On Nov. 17, 2016, a Dallas nursing home resident claims she woke up to find a male nurse sexually assaulting her. Despite repeated attempts to fend him off, she claims he continued the assault until a noise in the hall outside the complainant's room scared him away. Video surveillance footage showed the man entering the room, and then exiting seven minutes later. His employer alleges the room was not in an area for which the nurse was responsible.

Texas college student facing hard time for DWI charges

When lives are suddenly ended in an unfortunate accident, the living are left to answer for what happened. It is not always easy, or even possible, to determine the cause of a traffic accident. However, the past actions and ill-advised admissions of those involved can lead to accusations of fault. A young woman with a checkered history has been charged with alleged DWI offenses after a fatal accident northeast of San Antonio.

The accident took place on a stretch of Highway 21 outside San Marcos, on Aug. 2, 2016. The accused had been floating on the river prior to driving home along the highway. She is alleged to have crossed the center line of the road and collided with an oncoming vehicle.

Felony charge for alleged drug dealer after man killed

There may be no more alarming situation than one in which a person's life is on the line. That is precisely what a man from San Antonio now faces following his arrest recently. An apparent run in with another man that went bad has led to a capital felony charge for this young adult.

At around 12:30 a.m. on Nov. 7, 2016, police responded to a report of a pedestrian accident on Peabody Avenue. A male victim was found by San Antonio Police Department officers and was taken to a hospital suffering from severe injuries. He died at the hospital shortly after arriving.

3 vehicles struck in suspected drunk driving accident

A serious motor vehicle accident changes lives in the blink of an eye. This is true for everyone involved, including anyone alleged to have caused an accident. A young man from eastern Texas now faces a world of trouble after a terrible accident led to charges of drunk driving.

The accident took place on Oct. 29, 2016 at approximately 2:30 a.m. at the intersection of East FM 1960 and Imperial Valley Drive in Harris County. Three vehicles were waiting at a red light in the westbound lanes of 1960. Two of the vehicles were small cars, and the third was a motorcycle.

Long sentences for repeat DWI offenders becoming the norm

Being arrested for drunk driving is a serious situation. Judges and juries do not take such charges lightly, though sentences are not always severe for a first offence. However, for those with multiple DWI convictions, the courts of the state of Texas seem to be trying to send an extra strong message lately. 

In early Oct. 2016, a 64 year-old San Marcos man was sentenced to 99 years in prison after being found guilty of drunk driving. It was his eighth DWI conviction since 1983. The Assistant District Attorney prosecuting the case believed the stiff sentence was the only way to prevent the man from ever driving under the influence again. This recent sentencing was not an isolated incident.

9 arrested in Texas insurance fraud scheme

A lengthy investigation conducted jointly between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service reached its climax earlier this month. Nine suspects were arrested Oct. 14, 2016, including eight citizens of Texas, for allegedly participating in an immense health insurance fraud scheme. A 10th individual surrendered voluntarily to the FBI. The defendants represent a variety of occupations, from doctors to businessmen to marketers.

The accused have been charged with defrauding the Tricare insurance program of $100 million. Tricare provides health insurance for active military personnel, veterans and their families. Beneficiaries were allegedly recruited in central Texas, in the Fort Hood area. Allegedly, prescriptions for compounded medicines, custom medication blends that are not always covered by insurance, were billed to the insurance program fraudulently.

Capitol Building break-in leads to state crime charges

The Texas State Capitol recently became the unlikely scene of an apparent burglary. The man accused of vandalizing and breaking into the Capitol building was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and burglary. He is currently still in police custody as no bond has been set since the filing of his state crime charges.

An area police officer allegedly spotted the 22-year-old man approach the Capitol building at some point in the early hours of the morning. From there the man supposedly used a temporary walkway to access construction scaffolding. He then climbed the scaffolding in order to reach the second floor of the building, at which point he is believed to have broken in through a window. It is not clear if the window was unlocked or if there was another method used to enter the building.