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Father of affluenza teen arrested on state crime charges

After a June 2013 wreck, a Texas family became associated with the term “affluenza,” which was coined to describe someone having little ability to determine between right and wrong due to wealth and privilege. Though it was the family’s teenage son who was involved in that instance, his father was recently arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer. He is now facing state crime charges but is out on bond.

For those who may not remember, we last discussed the affluenza teen’s case on Dec. 19, 2013 ( “Texas prosecutors try to get drunk driving teen sentenced to jail”). When police recently showed up to a call in a residential area, they were apparently approached by the teen’s father. At the time, he claimed to be a reserve officer from another area. Police further allege that he even produced a police badge that appeared to be real.

Man begins criminal defense in 1983 murder case

After 31 years, a man has been arrested and accused of being involved in a murder. Supposedly, upgrades in fingerprint database software were able to find a match to prints found at the 1983 crime scene. The man was arrested in his home state, but he is expected to be extradited to Texas within a week to begin his criminal defense.

Back in 1983, a San Antonio businessman was found stabbed to death in a hotel room in Denton. The 42-year-old businessman was supposedly stabbed around 35 times, all over his body. The investigators took DNA evidence from the victim's fingernails as well as in the hotel shower, and they also found fingerprints. The investigators also made a sketch of the possible suspect, but neither a suspect nor a murder weapon was discovered at that time.

State crime charges dismissed for woman accused of vandalism

That act of toilet-papering a friend or neighbor’s home during a sleepover, generally intended as a prank, may not be an unfamiliar act to some individuals. Despite that, a Texas woman was charged with vandalism for allegedly helping a group of kids do just that. However, the state crime charges that she faced were recently dismissed.

The incident reportedly occurred while a group of middle-school students were participating in a sleepover. The woman apparently bought toilet paper in order for the girls to throw the product over the outside of the house that they were sleeping at. Condiments such as peanut butter and mustard were allegedly smeared over the residence. Officials claim that graffiti was also written in these condiments.

Texas CPS supervisor faces felony charge for evidence tampering

Child Protective Services is designed to help some of the most at-risk children in Texas. Sadly, there are some instances when certain situations may cause a child to fall through the cracks before help can be given. One CPS supervisor currently faces a felony charge for allegedly tampering with evidence related to the death of a child.

Apparently, unsatisfactory conditions in the home of a deployed airman drew the attention of CPS workers. As he served overseas, his wife was at home with their three daughters, the youngest of whom was only 22 months old. Investigators indicated that there was a heavy smell of human feces and urine in the home.

Texas teens face felony charge for allegedly tossing rocks

Boys will be boys is a saying some in Texas might be familiar with. Recently, two teenagers were recently arrested for allegedly acting in just such a manner. The pair now face a felony charge of criminal mischief as well as an aggravated assault charge with a deadly weapon.

After Texas police were notified that two people may have been tossing items from an overpass onto the Interstate, they were unable to locate either of the described suspects. At that point, a total of three people had reported that these items had struck their vehicle as they were driving. However, only two of those actually spoke with the authorities.

Texas couple face state crime charges related to funeral home

The care and handling of a deceased loved one’s remains can be a sensitive topic for those who have lost a family member. Recently, the owners of a Texas funeral home were accused of abusing corpses and now face state crime charges. However, they refute those claims and instead say they have been embroiled in a dispute with their landlord.

The owners of the funeral home claim that they were temporarily locked out the month before the bodies were allegedly found. Although it is unclear how long the doors were locked, it was apparently due to back-rent being owed. The landlord claimed that the two fell behind on rent again, and the funeral home owners claim that he returned to the business a second time in order to lock the doors again.

Texas state employee accused of state crime charges

An apparent family altercation recently resulted in serious charges and an arrest for one state employee. Two other alleged incidents culminated in an arrest and multiple state crime charges for the woman. While the Texas Rangers are pursuing the investigation, she is currently out on $8,500 bond.

During the alleged disagreement that occurred at her grandfather’s home, a minor female relative attempted to intervene. After that, the defendant is accused of hitting her in the face multiple times. That claim resulted in an assault charge for causing bodily injury.

Texas Tech football player faces felony charge of assault

A football player for Texas Tech was recently dismissed from the team following allegations that he assaulted another student during a basketball game. He is facing a felony charge for assault. He was in his first month enrolled at the Texas university after having graduated high school in another state.

The alleged incident reportedly happened during a pickup game of basketball that took place on the university’s campus. During the game, he supposedly attacked a woman who played on the school’s women's basketball team. This attack allegedly involved assaults with both his fists and his feet; the woman is said to be awaiting surgery to address a broken bone.

8 accused of drug charges for cocaine trafficking, some in Texas

Apparently, a 1,400-mile stretch between Texas and another coastal state acted as a pipeline for the transport of an illegal drug. Authorities in Texas and one other state recently arrested a total of eight people on federal drug charges for allegedly participating in the transport and distribution of the cocaine. It is believed that they may be part of a larger organization for drug trafficking.

Authorities received a tip from one of their confidential sources that an organization was transporting roughly 200 kilograms of the illegal drug cocaine through Texas every month. After multiple issues along this trek -- such as money, vehicles and drugs being stolen from the organization -- the group gathered for a meeting at the house of an individual that is believed to be one of the bosses. Surveillance was gathered on the subject matter of the meeting.

Texas superintendent handed misdemeanor charge over resume

Some individuals claim that Texas authorities are attempting to apply the law to an incident that does not warrant criminal charges. This belief stems from a misdemeanor charge that a local school district’s superintendent is facing. She recently surrendered to Texas authorities following her indictment, although neither of those actions are an indication of guilt.

In Aug. 2013, the school district employed a new superintendent who apparently discovered that an employee had been ensuring certain school district business went to her husband’s company. She suspended that employee and then, months later, suspended one of the principals of a middle school. A third employee was suspended only months after that, and the superintendent cited the school district’s police chief’s failure to thoroughly investigate acts of vandalism.

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