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San Antonio cracking down on aggressive drivers

Motorists traveling throughout the San Antonio region know that they need to be paying close attention when behind the wheel. There can be frequent amounts of traffic on area roadways, which may result in some motorists becoming impatient. They may make aggressive maneuvers that place other vehicles around them at risk.

With even more traffic expected during the holiday season, police will be out in full force, looking for motorists who are speeding, driving recklessly or committing other traffic violations. This includes police in San Antonio, who are participating in the “Ticketing Aggressive Cars and Trucks” (TACT) project, an annual initiative in which officers monitor roadways for drivers who are driving recklessly around 18-wheelers.

If a driver receives a traffic citation, he or she will need to determine how they wish to handle the ticket. In many cases, the motorist will simply pay the fine that is owed, because they do not want to deal with the hassle of fighting the ticket in court. This means taking time off from work and then dealing with the uncertainty of a trial, which is often inconvenient.

In these types of cases, drivers will also be assessed points on their license. If they incur too many citations in a specific period of time, they may have their license revoked. Fighting these tickets could help reduce the potential penalties that may be imposed, and also can minimize some of the other consequences that may result, such as higher insurance costs.

If you have been cited for speeding or other moving violation in Texas, speak to an experienced criminal defense attorney to learn more about the potential impact that the ticket will have on your driving privileges. This is especially important if you have been ticketed in the past, as this may increase the potential penalties that you may be facing.

An attorney will be able to review your ticket to determine if there is any evidence that demonstrates that police did not follow the proper procedures during the traffic stop. This will allow you to understand the options that you have for your defense, and help you develop a solution that may be able to protect your driver’s license.

You need to take each traffic ticket seriously. If you decide not to contest your tickets, you run the risk of incurring substantial penalties in the future. The loss of a driver’s license can impact several areas of your life, and you need to be sure that you are aware of all of your options at this time.