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Is the sex offender registry program fair?

Statistics show that a large number of people ordered to register as sex offenders are minors charged with acts often related to their immaturity.

Upon hearing news reports about an alleged sexual crime against another person, it is reasonable for people in Texas to feel upset. If the alleged crime is said to have involved a child or young person under the age of consent, the feelings may even include some anger or rage.

However, it is important for people to remember a few key things at this point. First, most news reports do not provide a complete list of all facts or evidence in a case. These stories instead pull out only select details and are intended to essentially sell the news and get viewers or readers.

In addition, it is highly possible for minor themselves to be accused of a sex crime after engaging in consensual sexual contact that may be illegal due to their age. A sex crime charge may also result from what is essentially kids being immature and doing stupid things.

Statistics show young people on sex offender registries

According to the United States Bureau of Justice, 14 is actually the most common age for a person on a sex offender registry. This is almost certainly far younger than what most people would ever guess.

In addition, the Human Rights Watch indicates that research has shown that people who are convicted of sex crime offenses as minors have a relatively low risk of repeating such offenses later in life. This is in contrast to people who are charged with other types of crimes such as those involving drugs.

Adults and juveniles included in Texas registry

The Texas Department of Public Safety explains that the state’s sex offender registry program covers both adults and minors convicted of sex offenses. People required to register as sex offenders are often required to provide regular updates to law enforcement.

Many details about these individuals may be accessible to the public with relative ease. Data included in the registry might include photos, addresses, names and information about the offenses for which they were convicted.

Given that people may be restricted as to where they can live or even work, moving forward with life as a sex offender may be extremely difficult.

Understanding sex crime charges

After an arrest for a suspected sex crime in Texas, people should always connect with an experienced criminal defense attorney. This will provide them access to someone who can explain the process and the laws that govern the offenses and potential penalties.