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Understanding Texas DWI Laws

The laws in Texas are specifically designed to both punish and prevent drinking and driving. In fact, they are frequently revised to increase the penalties. It is therefore of great importance that our clients, their families and the general public understand the basics of Texas DWI law to make sure they know what to expect.

Texas DWI laws outline everything from the legal definition of DWI to the range of penalties a person may face. Contact a lawyer at the Law Office of Anthony B. Cantrell & Associates, in San Antonio, Texas, for specific information regarding the following:

Driving While Intoxicated

A person may be charged with a DWI if he or she is caught driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. The DWI penalties depend upon both the person’s criminal record and the circumstances of the case. In addition, a drinking and driving charge almost always results in driver’s license suspension or revocation.

Transporting an Open Container

In Texas, it is illegal to possess an open container within the cab of a vehicle. The offense is a Class C misdemeanor and results in a written citation (Texas Penal Code Section 49). While this offense by itself is less serious than a DWI, it can increase penalties and consequences if combined with a charge.

At the Law Office of Anthony B. Cantrell, we have a thorough understanding of these and other Texas DWI laws. We will take the time to fully explain the laws that apply to your situation and prepare a strong defense designed to minimize penalties.

To learn more about Texas DWI laws and how they apply to your case, contact our office to speak with DWI attorney in a free, no obligation consultation. Criminal defense attorney Anthony B. Cantrell has more than 30 years experience in criminal defense and is certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

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