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What You Need To Know About Driving Under The Influence In Texas

Written All Over Your Face
Police officers are trained to look for particular signs as they question a driver. If they have any reason to believe that an individual is under the influence of alcohol they will request the individual to step out of his/her car and perform a series of field sobriety tests. These test measure a person’s reactions, hand eye coordination, balance and overall awareness. These tests help the police to determine if an individual has drugs or alcohol in their system

Now I Know My BAC’s
Police measure an individual’s Blood Alcohol Concentration to determine if he/she has had too much to drink. BAC is measured either by a breath or blood test. Factors that are considered when determining an individuals BAC include the number of drinks consumed and over what period of time as well as the physical size of the individual.

A person has clouded judgment and impairment needed for driving at .05 BAC. The level for legal intoxication in Texas is .08 BAC; this is equivalent to just three drinks in one hour for a 160 pound person. Further, every State has a zero tolerance policy for underage DUI offenders that can result in arrest or other legal actions.

Only Time Will Tell
The only thing that gets rid of the effects of alcohol is time. In one hour the body can process and eliminate 14 grams of ethanol, which is the drug found in alcohol. There are 12 grams of ethanol in one 12 ounce bottle of beer, or one 8 ounce glass of wine, or a 1 ½ ounce glass of hard liquor.

Marijuana – Make No Mistake
Using marijuana affects your ability to drive a car. Researchers have found increased doses of THC – the active chemical in marijuana – decreases a person’s ability to perform in standard field sobriety tests. Just as with alcohol, the more marijuana is used the more your ability to drive is impaired.

States are imposing penalties for driving under the influence of marijuana that match those for drinking and driving.

Being A Friend Is The Key
If a friend has been drinking or using drugs, take their keys away. Everyone behaves differently when under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Just because they aren’t slurring their speech or stumbling around doesn’t mean their reactions and instincts aren’t clouded.

Use Your Head Or Lose It
Be your own best influence. Don’t use drugs or alcohol when you are getting behind the wheel.

The Drive To Stay Alive
Driving under the Influence does not only mean drinking and driving. Any drug, from illegal substances like marijuana to over the counter medicines, can hurt a person’s ability to drive. Drivers with clouded minds cannot react as quickly to unexpected situations.

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