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White Collar Crimes Archives

9 arrested in Texas insurance fraud scheme

A lengthy investigation conducted jointly between the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Defense Criminal Investigative Service reached its climax earlier this month. Nine suspects were arrested Oct. 14, 2016, including eight citizens of Texas, for allegedly participating in an immense health insurance fraud scheme. A 10th individual surrendered voluntarily to the FBI. The defendants represent a variety of occupations, from doctors to businessmen to marketers.

Sexual assault charges filed against Texas man

Police claim that social media was used by a defendant in order to make initial contact with three of his alleged victims. Charged with sexual assault, the Texas man has yet to post his $665,000 bond and is currently still in police custody. He is also facing a single count of robbery in addition to the assault allegations.

Money laundering charges filed against affluenza mom

The notorious affluenza case brought national attention to Texas on multiple occasions, perhaps most recently when the affluenza teen and his mother were accused of fleeing the country. Initially, the mother was criminally charged for allegedly aiding her son with his flight, but at least one additional charge has been filed since then. Added by a grand jury, she is accused of committing money laundering.

CMS cracking down on health care fraud in Texas

As a result of increasing concerns about fraud, home health care providers in Texas will soon be under even more scrutiny than ever before. The initiative hopes to cut down on Medicare and health care fraud, but some worry that the move could have unintended consequences. The extra scrutiny could jeopardize health care providers' careers, as well as patient coverage.

Study links bail to outcome of state crime charges

To the average Texan, there might not appear to be any type of link between bail and how some defendants plea. However, a recent study found that whether people are assigned bail for their state crime charges greatly impacts the rate at which people plea guilty. This link has some questioning just how appropriate it is to continue booking people into jail when they are financially incapable of shelling out hefty fines.

Allegedly fake doctor might be on the hook for white collar crime

A woman is accused of falsely presenting herself as a doctor, although the clinic that she operates is currently still open and seeing patients. An investigation by Texas police and the Drug Enforcement Agency was prompted by claims that the woman had stolen the identity of a doctor -- a white collar crime. Although it does not appear as if any criminal charges have been filed yet, she could possibly face significant consequences based on the findings of the ongoing investigation.

FBI investigation leads to mail fraud charges for Texas educators

The growing number of standardized tests has caused increase stress for students and educators alike, but recently filed criminal charges claim that one Texas school district did not handle the stress all that well. Five educators from one of the state's school districts are charged with conspiring to commit mail fraud, among other allegations. A federal grand jury recently indicted all five of the educators.

Agriculture commissioner investigated for white collar crime

Texas' agriculture commissioner Sid Miller is currently under investigation for allegedly misusing taxpayer money. No charges regarding the white collar crime have been filed yet, but it is possible that the investigation will eventually yield criminal repercussions. Currently, the investigation is following suspicions that he abused his official capacity.

Securities fraud common but not only type of fraud

Fraud is a term that is commonly thrown around to describe a variety of behaviors, not all of them specifically criminal. When it comes to white collar crimes, fraud tends to have a very specific meaning, although it can be applied to a variety of situations. Whether a Texas resident is facing insurance fraud allegations or securities fraud charges, both of these fall under the larger umbrella of white collar crimes.

Texas pharmacy under investigation for possible health care fraud

Compound pharmacies provide a helpful and often necessary service to patients and health care providers by specially compounding medications to specifically meet the needs of certain individuals. However, a Texas compound pharmacy is under federal scrutiny after concerns of possible illegal kickbacks were raised. Allegations of health care fraud are quite serious, with potentially severe consequences for those involved.