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Federal Crimes Archives

Being accused of mail fraud

Most Texas residents know that using the U.S. Postal Service or another private or commercial interstate shipping service to commit a crime can result in federal criminal charges. If a person is accused of doing just this, that person will be charged with mail fraud.

How one minor offense can change the life of an immigrant

Imagine for a moment that you are driving home from a friend's house late at night. You see the red and blue lights of a police car flashing in your rear view and pull over. After approaching your car, the officer notes that there are empty beer bottles in the backseat. What do you expect might happen?

Proposed bill would permit hacking victims to hack back

Cyber attack methods are changing every day. As soon as one purported scam or virus is identified and squashed, another can almost immediately take its place. Because of this, federal and state governments dedicate enormous resources to stopping cyber crime and identifying those who engage in it.

Are federal prosecutions on the rise?

For the past five years, the number of federal prosecutions across the U.S. has declined. In fact, according to statistics from the Pew Research Center, the number of prosecutions dropped by 25 percent between 2011 and 2016. Last year, there were the fewest number of criminal prosecutions in roughly 20 years.

How are the levels of federal offenses calculated?

If you are charged with a federal offense, you need to take the situation very seriously. Federal crimes typically come with stricter, harsher and lengthier penalties thanks to Federal Sentencing Guidelines. These guidelines establish minimum sentencing requirements based on the level of offense a person is charged with. The higher the level is, the lengthier the sentence can be.