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Drug Charges Archives

Federal prosecutors directed to pursue harsher sentences

There are about 190,000 people in federal prison, and sadly, this number could be growing again after years of decline. The anticipated growth comes in response to a recent announcement by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who has reversed the course of action regarding federal criminal charges and use of mandatory minimums.

Texas lawmakers consider relaxing penalties for pot possession

Did you know that about 61,500 people were arrested for possession of marijuana in 2015? That means tens of thousands of people faced the possibility of a stain on their criminal record and even jail time in one year alone, all for an offense that people argue is not serious.

People who have a drug addiction need treatment, not jail time

Many people who commit drug-related offenses are sentenced to jail for a predetermined amount of time, and many of those offenders who go on to become inmates find that their addiction issues remain or even intensify before they return to society. Part of this is likely due to the broad availability of drugs in many prison systems, and part of this can also be attributed to the fact that these addicts-turned-inmates are not getting their addictions treated in the first place.

Superintendent suspended after arrest on drug possession

Criminal charges have been filed against a Texas superintendent that many believe to be reason for the rejuvenation of a failing school district. Accused of drug possession, the superintendent was arrested during a traffic stop. He has since posted his $250 bond and was released by authorities.

Fraternity party ends in drug charges and student's death

A college party ended in the arrest of four students from Texas A&M and the death of one other. The arrests do not appear to be related to the death of the student. Instead, they are centered on various drug charges. The student's cause of death has still yet to be determined.

Officers charged with drug possession with intent to distribute

Facing any kind of felony drug charge in Texas, whether at the state or federal level, can be one of the most traumatic experiences a person can endure. If the person charged is also a law enforcement officer, the pressure may even be greater due to concerns about incarceration. The recommended sentences for drug possession with intent to distribute are set very high, and many in law enforcement may feel that their sentences could be greater due to the fact they are held to a higher standard than common citizens.

Drug distribution allegations cited in indictment

The popularity of synthetic drugs has risen over recent years, and police have devoted more of their time and resources to those believed to be involved with them. Texas police recently charged 16 people on drug distribution allegations. Authorities claim that those involved had the intent to distribute some synthetic drugs that were in their possession.

Federal drug charges filed against former Texas police officer

A drug seizure eventually led to the arrest of a Texas police officer involved in the process. No longer employed with the police department, the former officer is facing federal drug charges for trafficking. He is also facing at least one additional criminal charge for allegedly receiving compensation for his actions.