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Criminal Defense Archives

Misguided attempt at problem solving ends with criminal charges

In the heat of an argument, people often say or do things they wish they could take back. Unfortunately, this is not possible, especially if someone calls the police during or after the dispute. Under these circumstances, a fight between you and someone else can become a fight between you and the criminal justice system.

3 types of Internet crimes that lead to serious penalties

It is easy to make the mistake of thinking that anything you do online can quickly be erased or concealed behind an anonymous account name. However, state and local government agencies devote massive resources to investigating cyber crimes and identifying any person involved in criminal activity involving computers. In other words, virtual misconduct has very real penalties.

What happens if I violate my probation in Texas?

Being placed on probation for a criminal offense in Texas can be a highly desirable alternative to incarceration. Nevertheless, it can be extremely difficult to comply with the various terms and conditions of probation, which means many people wind up accused of probation violations.

Bill addresses penalties of celebratory gunfire in Texas

Living in Texas and owning a gun go hand-in-hand for a huge population of residents, whether they have a firearm for protection, hunting or simply because the Second Amendment protects the right to bear arms. If you own a gun -- and even if you don't -- you should know that there are numerous laws in place that dictate lawful gun use and ownership.

Theft convictions can have big consequences

In Texas, a seemingly minor theft accusation can still land you in hot water. Even if you think the evidence against you is weak and the alleged theft involves something of little value, your life could be seriously impacted by a conviction. It's important to stay informed about how the Texas legal system defines and prosecutes theft and larceny charges.

Capitol Building break-in leads to state crime charges

The Texas State Capitol recently became the unlikely scene of an apparent burglary. The man accused of vandalizing and breaking into the Capitol building was arrested and charged with criminal mischief and burglary. He is currently still in police custody as no bond has been set since the filing of his state crime charges.

Texas officer arrested for assault may focus on criminal defense

A grand jury recently handed down an indictment for a Texas officer accused of using excessive force with a man during an arrest. Charged with assault, he chose to resign from his position during an internal investigation, perhaps in part to focus on his upcoming criminal defense. There is also a video that apparently depicts the attack, which included another officer who was ultimately not charged.

Former PE teacher facing state crime charges for alleged theft

A former physical education teacher at a Texas elementary school was arrested for allegedly taking prescription medication from the nurse's office. Current state crime charges include criminal mischief, criminal trespassing and theft, which could all potentially carry long-term implications if the teacher is convicted. Although no longer employed at the school, police have yet to reveal his or her identity.

Father faces felony charge for leaving daughter in hot car

A Texas father is expected to surrender himself into police custody after an arrest warrant was issued for him. He is facing a felony charge for forgetting his young child inside of his car for a short period of time. Although the young girl was not injured, police are not taking the matter lightly.