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August 2017 Archives

Why it is so important for you to protect your record

Many people in San Antonio do not realize the importance of maintaining a clean criminal record. Some individuals who already have charges and convictions may feel that they do not have any recourse to clear their records. Others are in the process of doing things that can lead to criminal charges and convictions. They do not realize how much of an impact their criminal records have on their lives. Often, arrests are just as damaging as convictions. 

Task Force on Crime Reduction urges caution on marijuana policy

The president's Task Force on Crime Reduction and Public Safety, led by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, appears not to be ready to crack down on marijuana in an effort to reduce violent crime. Although its recommendations have not been made public, the Associated Press associated portions of them. The group has instead urged caution on making big changes to federal marijuana policy, especially when it comes to challenging states' rights to decriminalize the drug.